Saturday, June 30, 2012

June Haul

Since it's the last day of the month, I figured I would do a post about all the polishes I've picked up in the month of June - 16 to be exact!

First off are the three lovely polishes from the Julep June It Girl box!  I got these for only $0.01 as the introductory offer for becoming a Maven.  So far I have only swatched Jessica, the blue creme in the middle.  The other two polishes are Brooke (shimmery purple) and Mandy (coral pink).  I think I may be swatching Mandy sometime in the near future!

Next, I have my three Copious purchases.  I got all three for only $0.01 each!  From left to right they are: Zoya Lana, Zoya Yvette, and LA Colors Sparkling Diamond.  These are my first Zoyas!  So far I've only swatched Yvette (mainly because I intend to give her as a gift to someone with the same name).  So there will also be a post coming soon with Zoya Yvette.  I also used Sparkling Diamond in the mani I wore this week, which I blogged about here.

More Zoyas!!!  These beauties I got for free courtesy of the Zoya Pinterest Mini Trio promotion, I only had to pay for shipping!  From left to right they are: Myrta, Kimber, and Zuza.  All three are from the Zoya Beach and Surf Collection released this summer.  I have not yet swatched any of these, but I can't wait!  I've seen some beautiful swatches of these polishes.

In all their glory: Zoya Lana, Yvette, Myrta, Kimber, and Zuza

One day my boyfriend picked me up after work and he had a surprise!  He had been to the mall during the day and went into Hot Topic where he picked out these fun skull black light polishes from a clearance bin!  He of course got orange and blue because we're huge Florida Gator fans! (we DO live in Gainesville and he goes to UF)  I haven't tried them out yet either...but they're my first *true* neons.  And I need to get my blacklight from my parents house!

I also got these LA Colors polishes from the clearance rack at our local dollar store.  I got them for $0.50 each, where they are regularly priced a dollar, so how could you pass that up!  From left to right they are: Baby Pink, Bright Green, Pearl, and Bronze.  Prior to these, I've never had any striper polishes, so I'm pretty excited about those too!

Finally, I got my first Sally Hansen HD nail polish!!!  It's a beautiful blue with purple and teal shimmer named Spectrum.  I've have been lusting after the HD polishes for forever...  But I managed to find this one on clearance for 75% off at CVS!  I DEFINITELY couldn't pass that up -- I got it for only $1.70!

Overall, I'm pretty pleased with my haul for the month of June.  And I can proudly say I spent less than $20 on all 16 of those polishes!  As I've said before I love a good deal, and always take advantage of them when I can.


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Plenty of Fish with Disco Balls in the Sea!?

That's what this mani makes me think of anyway!  I used Spoiled's Plenty of Fish in the Sea as the base with a coat of LA Colors' Sparkling Diamond on top.  I LOVE IT!!!

I think I love this combination even more than the Plenty of Fish in the Sea with Use Protection I did a few weeks ago (see here).  And I mean, I loved that manicure, A LOT.  One thing I will say in defense of that combination, is the glitter is much more subtle than in the combo I'm bringing to you today.

I love the bright blue color of Plenty of Fish in the Sea.  This time I did three coats for opaqueness, since it wasn't opaque with two.  Then I just followed up with one coat of Sparking Diamond. Sparkling Diamond is actually a polish I got for one cent from Copious!  It really is great when they have free credits, because you can stock up for super cheap!  I had seen Sparkling Diamond before and loved it, and knew I had to find it. Even though my local dollar store carries LA Colors, I have never seen glitter polishes, or anything too super exciting, so I jumped when I found it on Copious.

I've had a lot of compliments on this manicure too.  Normally one of my coworkers is the only person who comments on my nails, but I actually had several people tell me how much they loved my nails!  The only thing I was slightly annoyed with was one nail chipped on my right hand within 24 hours of application.  But, at the same time, I'm really good at chipping my nails.  Though, that is still the only noticeable chip in any of my nails and it's now day 3.

As you can see in the above picture, Sparkling Diamond is jam-packed with glitter!  There are medium sized silver/mirror hex glitter and lots and lots of small silver glitter.  It gives it a really neat look.  It looks best in direct light, but even in low light, you can see the shine of the glitter.

I also really, really like the quality of this last picture I took.  I'm striving to get better at taking pictures of my nails as this blog grows, and I am super impressed with my picture-taking skillz for the final picture.  Hopefully I'll have a post up soon about my other Copious steals and the Zoya Mini Trio I got (for free!) a few weeks ago.


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Try It On Tuesday!

My first Try It On Tuesday!  Though in all honestly, nearly all my polish that I swatch I'm trying on for the first time.  At least 75% anyway...

I'm FINALLY trying another one of the polishes I picked up at the flea market last month for only $0.50 apiece!  To see the original post and swatches of two of the polishes, click here.

This is an unnamed polish with the brand name of True Lover Nail Polish.  I loved the micro-glittery shimmer in this polish and it was definitely the first one I picked out.

It took me awhile to get good pictures because I have been unable to take outside pictures since last week thanks to Tropical Storm Debby.  (Over 25" of rain in here in Gainesville since last Friday!)

Look at the micro-glitter in this polish!!!  I love it!  As soon as I took this picture I realized how it actually pretty strongly resembled OPI DS Extravagance!  For a swatch, see here.  I think my polish is a pretty close dupe for Extravagance.  Also, check out Pretty and Polished's Fan Appreciation Giveaway, where you could win OPI DS Extravagance!

Anywho, I absolutely love this polish.  And as far as color goes, the first two pictures in the post are the most  true to color.  Oh, and the best part of this polish?  It was opaque in ONE coat!  I don't think I have a single other polish that was opaque in one coat.  It was amazing!  The application was also fantastic.  All pictures show one coat, with no topcoat.  While I probably could have used a topcoat, the polish was pretty smooth as is, and didn't need a thick topcoat for smoothing purposes.  Also, where the other two import polishes I got from the flea market smelled horribly, this polish didn't smell nearly as bad.  There was an odor but it was gone after an hour or two of wear.

I truly am a sucker for sparkle, shimmer, and glitter!


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

More Sally Hansen Red Opal!

 As I showed in my last post, Sally Hansen Red Opal from their Star Opal Nail Glaze collection looks gorgeous over black!  So this time I decided to show off the natural beauty of Red Opal.  As I previously mentioned, the color is super sheer, and I never really had a use for it when I first got it YEARS ago (sadly, the Star Opal collection is now discontinued).  So I decided to layer it over white to hopefully pop the color more!
You can really see the gold shimmer in this picture.
I really LOVE this color.  Even with it layered over white, it is still relatively nude, and just a beautiful, soft, simple pink.  This is two coats of LA Colors' Energy Source from their Color Craze collection, followed by three coats of Red Opal, and a final layer of topcoat.  There is a beautiful gold shimmer in the polish, which really makes it stand out and shine in direct sunlight.

I do want to apologize for how kinda icky the final result is on my nails.  I am quite impatient and rarely wait till my polish is completely dry before I start doing that's why the index finger is all lumpy and bumpy.  The application was also a bit difficult since the polish got tacky really fast (probably since it's an older polish).  So that's why there is some streakiness and color variation on each nail.  The ring finger does look pretty good though.

In natural light you can really see the shimmer!

So I had two more pictures I wanted to add to this post, but since blogger/my internet/my computer are being stubborn right now, I'll have to just go with what I've got.  I probably won't get any swatching done this weekend as I'm going to visit my parents, but hopefully next week I'll have a new post.  

ALSO!  I created a fan page on Facebook, so go check it out, and if you followed it here, thanks for being a fan!


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sally Hansen Red Opal over Circuits

As promised, here is the swatch of Sally Hansen Red Opal over LA Colors Circuits!

With Flash
Red Opal if from the Sally Hansen Star Opal Nail Glaze collection, which unfortunately was discontinued awhile back.  I've had this polish FOREVER...well maybe not forever, but at least 5+ years.  I never really liked it that much because it was super sheer and difficult to get opaque. (I'm impatient, so I hate putting on more than 3 coats.)  Loved it in the bottle, not so much on my nails.

Natural Light the last two months, I came across a blog (I wish I could remember where I saw it!) where the author had layered it over black and described how it mimicked an Ozotic polish.  I couldn't believe it!  I ran to look in my collection to be sure it was the same polish, and it was - Red Opal!

And of course, it took me awhile before I swatched it.  I only did two fingers at first, when I was testing out several polish combinations at once (see here).  I was so excited when my black polish magically changed to a deep, shimmery green!

And look at the pink shimmers in this picture and the one below!

Anyway, I used two coats of LA Colors in Circuits, followed by one coat of Sally Hansen Red Opal and topped with a Sally Hansen Strengthening Top Coat.

I love Red Opal and would love to have some of the other polishes from the Star Opal Nail Glaze collection.  Overall, loved the mani, but it only lasted about 3 days.  I managed to 'pop the whole nail off,' where all the polish came off in one solid nail-shaped piece.  It was kinda funny...and LUCKILY I had top coat in my purse so as soon as I got to work I reapplied the nail.  Yes, I carried my little piece of nail polish all the way to work with me and didn't destroy it, which was pretty good for a 15 minute bus ride.

Ok, last picture lol


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My First Julep Box and Jessica Swatch

My first Julep Box arrived last Thursday, but due to getting home late from work and the office at my apartment complex closing before I got home I wasn't able to pick it up until Sunday!  And because it was my first I wanted to take pictures and document how everything was packaged and what came in my box.  But as I was finishing folding all the laundry my boyfriend was almost more excited to see the contents than I was and opened it up and started pulling everything out.  I had selected the It Girl box, so I knew that I would be receiving Jessica, Mandy, and Brooke.  For my post about my expectations of my Julep box, click here.

My first Julep polishes!
First of all, I was incredibly intrigued by Jessica, because I really don't have any creme polishes.  The Spoiled polish, Lox-y Lady, was my first creme polish, and I'm not even sure it is a true creme.  I also don't have many pastel colors.  But without further ado, here are the pics of Jessica.

I love, love, love, love, LOVE the color of Jessica.  And since I'm pretty pale, it makes my hands look super tan.  Though I did get a sunburn/slight tan (maybe?) this past weekend right before applying this polish.  My only complaint is how thick the polish was.  I had to have a lot of polish on the brush for it to apply smoothly and if I missed a spot or didn't get full coverage the first swipe then it got really streaky.  After two coats, I was able to even it out, and a top coat certainly helped out. You might even be able to see in a few pictures how lumpy and uneven the application was on my thumb...

Other than the application, I really like the color and the wear has been great too.  It really didn't start chipping badly until today, which was day four.  I also didn't work Monday or Tuesday, so the typical wear and tear may not have happened. 

Still to come: Mandy and Brooke!


Monday, June 11, 2012

Plenty of Fish in the Sea and Use Protection

As promised, here is what my beautiful (if I may say so) manicure from last week looked like!

It's definitely one of my favorite manicures I've done in the last few months.  I used two of the Spoiled nail polishes, Plenty of Fish in the Sea and Use Protection.  I got them at CVS last week while they were on sale for $0.99.  Here is what Plenty of Fish in the Sea looks like on its own:

Sorry for the unnatural lighting in this shot, I put Plenty of Fish in the Sea on at night, wore it for a day, and then added Use Protection the next day.  This is two coats, and you can see it still isn't quite opaque.  I probably could have used another coat, but since I planned on layering glitter over top, I decided two was fine.

Here are the bottles on their own:

I absolutely love both colors.  They went so well together.  I really love all of the polishes in the Spoiled collection.  I have yet to find one I don't like.  Application was great too!

Sorry this post is so pic heavy, but I loved this manicure so much!  You can see in the picture above, the opaqueness even with the glitter and topcoat layers.  It really was only noticeable in direct sunlight.

This final picture is mostly there to show how shiny and sparkly the glitter was.  It really reminded me of dewdrops or rain droplets.  I love and miss it!


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Broken Nail :(

Ugh.  I HATE broken nails.  Last week I broke all but two then I just went ahead trimmed the remaining two so it didn't look weird.  So my nails are back to their average, short length.  And yet what did I accomplish today? Breaking another nail!  And since I've been a slacker as far as posting goes, I'll go ahead and post some poor quality pictures of my poor, extremely short nail.  And I of course don't have a nail file, so I get to deal with a raggedy edge until 5:30pm.

There will be a post eventually showing this manicure when it was in it's full glory.  But it was done using two polishes from the Spoiled by Wet 'n Wild line (my current favs).  I can't remember the names of both, but I know one of them was "Use Protection" and the second was something to the effect of "Plenty of Fish in the Sea."  They are GORGEOUS in real life, if I must say so. :)

Sorry for the poor quality pictures, my iPod touch doesn't take the best close up pics.

I also sliced open my index finger last night, so that is the reason for the bandage.  So my right hand is just all-kinds of gimpy today.


Saturday, June 2, 2012

I'm Now a Julep Maven!

The title says it all!  I've been hearing about the Julep Maven special where you get your first box for only $0.01 for several weeks...and finally decided it was a deal I couldn't pass up!  I've never used any Julep polishes before, so I'm really looking forward to when my box gets here.

If you're interested in getting a box for only $0.01 (and you can get free shipping!), follow this link and make sure to enter the code COLOR2012 at checkout to receive your Julep Maven box for only one cent!

I decided to go with the It Girl Intro Box which contains three polishes:

  • Jessica - "soft and sweet baby blue creme"
  • Brooke - "sheer shimmery purple"
  • Mandy - "fresh, bright, deep coral pink"

I'm really excited about Jessica and Brooke.  I don't have any pastel colored polishes with the exception of a few pinks, and I love the look of creme polishes.  I'm currently obsessed with anything shiny and/or glittery that I can layer, so that's what I'm hoping for in Brooke.  In the above picture (from Julep's website), Mandy actually looks more red orange than coral.  I also love corals and think they are an AWESOME summer color, so I'll be interested to see what Mandy looks like in real life.  I ended up choosing the free Maven shipping, so I have no idea when I'll get my polishes, but that's ok.  Anyone have any experience using that shipping method and how long it took to get to you?


Friday, June 1, 2012

Spoiled's Trust Fund Baby

Even though I have heard a lot of complaints about the brushes for the Spoiled polish line by Wet 'n Wild, I actually like the thick brush.  That and the application tends to be fantastic.  A few weeks ago when CVS had them on sale for $0.99 I got three polishes.  So far I've tried Lox-y Lady and Trust Fund Baby (Shaken Snow Globe I believe is the other polish).  This post is dedicated to my manicure using Trust Fund Baby.

Sorry for the lack of clean-up.  I was so excited about how this mani
looked that I just wanted to take pictures immediately. 

Overall, it's two coats of LA Colors Color Craze in Circuits with two coats of Trust Fund Baby applied on top.  Then finished off with my favorite quick dry Sally Hansen topcoat.  I also almost dripped a huge drop of polish on the floor so I stuck out my hand and you can see where it ended up!

The above picture was actually taken after six days, and as you can see, there was very little wear on the tips.

Finally, this was when I was swatching the same LA Colors black with Sally Hansen Red Opal on top...which will be featured in an upcoming post, so stay tuned!


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