Saturday, June 30, 2012

June Haul

Since it's the last day of the month, I figured I would do a post about all the polishes I've picked up in the month of June - 16 to be exact!

First off are the three lovely polishes from the Julep June It Girl box!  I got these for only $0.01 as the introductory offer for becoming a Maven.  So far I have only swatched Jessica, the blue creme in the middle.  The other two polishes are Brooke (shimmery purple) and Mandy (coral pink).  I think I may be swatching Mandy sometime in the near future!

Next, I have my three Copious purchases.  I got all three for only $0.01 each!  From left to right they are: Zoya Lana, Zoya Yvette, and LA Colors Sparkling Diamond.  These are my first Zoyas!  So far I've only swatched Yvette (mainly because I intend to give her as a gift to someone with the same name).  So there will also be a post coming soon with Zoya Yvette.  I also used Sparkling Diamond in the mani I wore this week, which I blogged about here.

More Zoyas!!!  These beauties I got for free courtesy of the Zoya Pinterest Mini Trio promotion, I only had to pay for shipping!  From left to right they are: Myrta, Kimber, and Zuza.  All three are from the Zoya Beach and Surf Collection released this summer.  I have not yet swatched any of these, but I can't wait!  I've seen some beautiful swatches of these polishes.

In all their glory: Zoya Lana, Yvette, Myrta, Kimber, and Zuza

One day my boyfriend picked me up after work and he had a surprise!  He had been to the mall during the day and went into Hot Topic where he picked out these fun skull black light polishes from a clearance bin!  He of course got orange and blue because we're huge Florida Gator fans! (we DO live in Gainesville and he goes to UF)  I haven't tried them out yet either...but they're my first *true* neons.  And I need to get my blacklight from my parents house!

I also got these LA Colors polishes from the clearance rack at our local dollar store.  I got them for $0.50 each, where they are regularly priced a dollar, so how could you pass that up!  From left to right they are: Baby Pink, Bright Green, Pearl, and Bronze.  Prior to these, I've never had any striper polishes, so I'm pretty excited about those too!

Finally, I got my first Sally Hansen HD nail polish!!!  It's a beautiful blue with purple and teal shimmer named Spectrum.  I've have been lusting after the HD polishes for forever...  But I managed to find this one on clearance for 75% off at CVS!  I DEFINITELY couldn't pass that up -- I got it for only $1.70!

Overall, I'm pretty pleased with my haul for the month of June.  And I can proudly say I spent less than $20 on all 16 of those polishes!  As I've said before I love a good deal, and always take advantage of them when I can.


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