Wednesday, June 20, 2012

More Sally Hansen Red Opal!

 As I showed in my last post, Sally Hansen Red Opal from their Star Opal Nail Glaze collection looks gorgeous over black!  So this time I decided to show off the natural beauty of Red Opal.  As I previously mentioned, the color is super sheer, and I never really had a use for it when I first got it YEARS ago (sadly, the Star Opal collection is now discontinued).  So I decided to layer it over white to hopefully pop the color more!
You can really see the gold shimmer in this picture.
I really LOVE this color.  Even with it layered over white, it is still relatively nude, and just a beautiful, soft, simple pink.  This is two coats of LA Colors' Energy Source from their Color Craze collection, followed by three coats of Red Opal, and a final layer of topcoat.  There is a beautiful gold shimmer in the polish, which really makes it stand out and shine in direct sunlight.

I do want to apologize for how kinda icky the final result is on my nails.  I am quite impatient and rarely wait till my polish is completely dry before I start doing that's why the index finger is all lumpy and bumpy.  The application was also a bit difficult since the polish got tacky really fast (probably since it's an older polish).  So that's why there is some streakiness and color variation on each nail.  The ring finger does look pretty good though.

In natural light you can really see the shimmer!

So I had two more pictures I wanted to add to this post, but since blogger/my internet/my computer are being stubborn right now, I'll have to just go with what I've got.  I probably won't get any swatching done this weekend as I'm going to visit my parents, but hopefully next week I'll have a new post.  

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