Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sally Hansen Red Opal over Circuits

As promised, here is the swatch of Sally Hansen Red Opal over LA Colors Circuits!

With Flash
Red Opal if from the Sally Hansen Star Opal Nail Glaze collection, which unfortunately was discontinued awhile back.  I've had this polish FOREVER...well maybe not forever, but at least 5+ years.  I never really liked it that much because it was super sheer and difficult to get opaque. (I'm impatient, so I hate putting on more than 3 coats.)  Loved it in the bottle, not so much on my nails.

Natural Light the last two months, I came across a blog (I wish I could remember where I saw it!) where the author had layered it over black and described how it mimicked an Ozotic polish.  I couldn't believe it!  I ran to look in my collection to be sure it was the same polish, and it was - Red Opal!

And of course, it took me awhile before I swatched it.  I only did two fingers at first, when I was testing out several polish combinations at once (see here).  I was so excited when my black polish magically changed to a deep, shimmery green!

And look at the pink shimmers in this picture and the one below!

Anyway, I used two coats of LA Colors in Circuits, followed by one coat of Sally Hansen Red Opal and topped with a Sally Hansen Strengthening Top Coat.

I love Red Opal and would love to have some of the other polishes from the Star Opal Nail Glaze collection.  Overall, loved the mani, but it only lasted about 3 days.  I managed to 'pop the whole nail off,' where all the polish came off in one solid nail-shaped piece.  It was kinda funny...and LUCKILY I had top coat in my purse so as soon as I got to work I reapplied the nail.  Yes, I carried my little piece of nail polish all the way to work with me and didn't destroy it, which was pretty good for a 15 minute bus ride.

Ok, last picture lol


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