Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Try It On Tuesday!

My first Try It On Tuesday!  Though in all honestly, nearly all my polish that I swatch I'm trying on for the first time.  At least 75% anyway...

I'm FINALLY trying another one of the polishes I picked up at the flea market last month for only $0.50 apiece!  To see the original post and swatches of two of the polishes, click here.

This is an unnamed polish with the brand name of True Lover Nail Polish.  I loved the micro-glittery shimmer in this polish and it was definitely the first one I picked out.

It took me awhile to get good pictures because I have been unable to take outside pictures since last week thanks to Tropical Storm Debby.  (Over 25" of rain in here in Gainesville since last Friday!)

Look at the micro-glitter in this polish!!!  I love it!  As soon as I took this picture I realized how it actually pretty strongly resembled OPI DS Extravagance!  For a swatch, see here.  I think my polish is a pretty close dupe for Extravagance.  Also, check out Pretty and Polished's Fan Appreciation Giveaway, where you could win OPI DS Extravagance!

Anywho, I absolutely love this polish.  And as far as color goes, the first two pictures in the post are the most  true to color.  Oh, and the best part of this polish?  It was opaque in ONE coat!  I don't think I have a single other polish that was opaque in one coat.  It was amazing!  The application was also fantastic.  All pictures show one coat, with no topcoat.  While I probably could have used a topcoat, the polish was pretty smooth as is, and didn't need a thick topcoat for smoothing purposes.  Also, where the other two import polishes I got from the flea market smelled horribly, this polish didn't smell nearly as bad.  There was an odor but it was gone after an hour or two of wear.

I truly am a sucker for sparkle, shimmer, and glitter!



  1. Cute polish! The bottle looks really interesting!

  2. Thank you! It's very different, I think it and the other polishes I found at a flea market are all imports from Asia...but even googling has turned up no results...lol

  3. I got a bunch of these in a lot from eBay. Many were broken in shipment and the seller immediately refunded all my money and let me keep the product. I think I can tell why, but except for the ingredients being shady, a bunch of them are actually very pretty polish. (Though mine STINK!) If you are interested in photos, please let me know. Some are called LM, others are called True Lover, and the colors are all numbered with no name.


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