Monday, July 30, 2012

Spoiled's Club Rat

I LOVE this hot pink, sparkly polish!  This manicure is only two coats of Spoiled's Club Rat.  It was nearly opaque in one coat, but I decided to do a second coat anyway.  Then finished it off with topcoat.

It was definitely one of the easiest manicures I've done in awhile, just because there was only one color involved!  Yes, I know I'm lazy!  It also lasted nearly all week too.  Chipping didn't get REALLY bad until about day five.

I just love this color.  I really don't have anything else similar too it.  For being inexpensive polishes, I have been thoroughly impressed by all of the Spoiled polishes I own.  I can't wait until they're on sale at CVS again!

This was the first time I'd worn Club Rat on my fingernails.  I wore it on my toes for a couple weeks a few months ago...but I really like it on my fingernails WAY more!

My manicure was also featured in Marci's Nails and More fan photo album for last week!  So thanks to Marci!  I can definitely say Marci is one of the ladies that really inspired me to start a blog and get a Facebook fan page.

And to finish off the post, here is my cat Addy photo-bombing my swatch pictures!


Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Strips in Blue Ice

Tonight I have something a little bit different from what I've posted before.  I gave the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish strips a go!  I decided to try Blue Ice, a really pretty light blue that looked like a really concentrated glitter polish.

Unfortunately this color was INCREDIBLY hard to photograph and looks more grey than blue in nearly all the pictures I took.  It also doesn't help that my camera didn't want to focus on the glitter.

I had tried the Kiss brand nail strips before the Sally Hansen ones (sorry, no pictures of those), and those were more like a plastic sticker, which I really liked.  They were touted to last 10 days, and they definitely lasted 10+ days.  By day 4 or 5 I was using clear topcoat to smooth down the tips because they wanted to peel up, but other than that they were great.  After using those, I was slightly disappointed by the Sally Hansen nail strips.

Perhaps it was because they really are 'real nail polish' strips like advertised.  They were really flimsy and I had more trouble applying them.  They also didn't fit the shape of my nails as well, as I have oddly shaped nails (in my opinion).  Also, the instructions didn't say anything about applying topcoat afterwards, so I didn't.

So, as you can see in the above photo...the wear was not great.  This was only after one day wearing the nail strips.  I think I suffered through a second day of them chipping away before I finally took them off.  And let me say, they are just as hard to remove as an actual glitter polish.  One thing to note however, is the color accuracy in the above photo, even though it is badly out of focus.

They were really classy looking though.  I liked the look: simple, but glamorous because of the glitter.  But they just didn't last as long.  I was really disappointed since they were supposed to be able to last 10 days.  Next time I will definitely apply topcoat afterwards.  I still have enough strips left over that I can wear this color again.

In the picture above, you can also see the wear on my thumb after the first day.  It's also fairly true to the color here.  It's such a pretty shade of blue, I wish my camera could have captured it better. Has anyone else ever been disappointed by the Sally Hansen nail strips?


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Grapefruit Sorbet by Polished Perfection

Woohoo!  Finally making it back for another Try it on Tuesday post!  After missing the last few weeks, I am finally participating again!  

Today, I'm trying out Grapefruit Sorbet by Polished Perfection.  One of two indies I purchased from Polished Perfection back in May.  These are my first indies and I am so excited to finally getting around to trying them out!  Hopefully I can try out Tropical Tide sometime soon too!

Grapefruit Sorbet, is a light yellowy-orange colored layering polished with opalescent flakies inside.  This is also my first polish with flakies!

Its quite pretty in the bottle.  I decided to layer it over Pure Ice Celestial, which I have used several times before, including my Fourth of July mani.

In theory, it sounded like a pretty combination.  Since Grapefruit Sorbet is nearly iridescent, I figured I could layer it over any color and see lots of flakie goodness.  In my swatches, I have one coat of Celestial, and two coats of Grapefruit Sorbet.

And while it looks kind of pretty in the pictures...if you look closely you can barely see the flakies at all!  I was so disappointed!  I am definitely going to have to try this polish again with a different base coat.  Do you have a color you like to layer with?  I am really drawn to blue nails, as I'm sure readers of my blog have noticed.

I pretty much took this manicure off as soon as it dried and I took the pictures.  I also hate how there are all kinds of bubbles showing up on my nails!  I can't figure out if its from my base coat or the top coat.  But its super annoying and also distracts from being able to see the flakies.

Overall, I'm hoping that with more use, Grapefruit Sorbet will grow on me.  It has a lot of potential, and perhaps I just need the right base coat to really make it pop.  The flakies also didn't really transfer from the bottle to the nails.  Even though I did two coats, there still didn't seem to be a lot of flakies on my nails.


Saturday, July 14, 2012

First Foray Into Nail Art!

Ugh!  I am so sorry that it has been SO long since I have posted on here!  Last weekend my boyfriend and I went to Daytona for the NASCAR race, and then this past week has been absolutely crazy at work!  One of my co-workers just got a new job and will be leaving, so I was being trained to replace her in the interim.  She also is about to be a first-time grandmother, so we had a baby shower for her on Friday.  So polishing took a backseat this week while I picked my other hobby, knitting, back up.  I made her a baby hat for her future grandbaby.

Anyway, back to the polish!  So this is my first REAL foray into nail art.  I have little to no artistic ability as it is, so I figured straight lines would probably be relatively easy for me.

My first tape manicure!  I decided to use a diagonal angle with the tape, topped with one my striper polishes I got last month from a clearance bin and hadn't used yet.

Here are the polishes I used: LA Colors Art Deco striper polish in Baby Pink, Sally Hansen Star Opal in Red Opal, and LA Colors Color Craze in Energy Source.  I have used Red Opal and Energy Source a lot in several other manicures.  Most notably, here.

Once I came up with the design I wanted to try out, I knew I really wanted to use one of the two striper/nail art polishes I have.  They're both in kind of random colors, at least compared to the rest of my collection.  I knew that the colors wouldn't go together super well, but I decided to go with it.

I was originally do going to do a second piece of tape, so that the white would only be in a triangle up at the top of the nail, I was going to use Zoya Yvette for the third color.  But when I went to put the tape on the thumb, it completely DESTROYED what I had already put on the nail.  So I then tried to save the nail and just painted over it all so it wasn't too noticeable.

With flash
I also didn't do the best clean-up job.  I usually wait until I take a shower the next morning to scrape off the excess polish on my skin, but since this was mostly just a trial attempt at nail art, I didn't really want to wait that long (because I'm super impatient).

Either way, I overall was really pleased with how the mani turned out, and I can't wait to try it again with different colors.  I just wanted to attempt it to see if I could fail a little less at it than I have with any of the water marbles I've attempted.  Those I don't even both taking pictures of, that's how bad they've been.

So I will be trying harder to post more often again in the next few weeks.  My boyfriend's sister will also be staying with us for a couple weeks in late July/early August, so I may recruit her to be my swatching guinea pig!


Monday, July 2, 2012

Happy Independence Day!

Yes, I know I'm two days early, but I doubt I will get a chance to post my mani on the Fourth.  And I completed my mani last night so that I could enjoy it for a couple of days.

Yay for gradients!  I've only attempted gradient/ombre nails once before...and while I wouldn't call it a fail, the two colors I chose were too similar, so you couldn't really see the effect.  Originally I was just going to do red and blue...and then I right before I applied the blue, I decided to add the white underneath instead.

The thumbnail is my favorite.  Unfortunately I had already messed it up a little bit since I did it last night until I could take pictures of it this afternoon.  Either way, I'm pretty proud of this manicure. And since I'm celebrating Fourth of July Part 1 tomorrow night, it will definitely last till then.

For this mani, I used Pure Ice Celestial and Crimson.  The white I used is LA Colors Energy Source. Celestial has a bit of a silver shimmer, but Crimson has a LOT of orange shimmer.  Both colors are really pretty on their own.  And make a great metallic, patriotic manicure.

In the above picture on the right, you can really see how shiny the polishes are, since the shine isn't really conveyed in most of the other pictures.

Basically, I did two coats of Crimson, followed by topcoat.  Then two coats of Energy Source and Celestial sponged on.  And then topped off with a final layer of topcoat.

And woo for a couple creative/artsy shots!  Overall, I'm pretty pleased with the outcome of this manicure.  It's really my first successful venture into nail art.  Since the only other nail art I have attempted is one other gradient design, and two horribly unsuccessful attempts at a water marble. Maybe some day!

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