Saturday, July 14, 2012

First Foray Into Nail Art!

Ugh!  I am so sorry that it has been SO long since I have posted on here!  Last weekend my boyfriend and I went to Daytona for the NASCAR race, and then this past week has been absolutely crazy at work!  One of my co-workers just got a new job and will be leaving, so I was being trained to replace her in the interim.  She also is about to be a first-time grandmother, so we had a baby shower for her on Friday.  So polishing took a backseat this week while I picked my other hobby, knitting, back up.  I made her a baby hat for her future grandbaby.

Anyway, back to the polish!  So this is my first REAL foray into nail art.  I have little to no artistic ability as it is, so I figured straight lines would probably be relatively easy for me.

My first tape manicure!  I decided to use a diagonal angle with the tape, topped with one my striper polishes I got last month from a clearance bin and hadn't used yet.

Here are the polishes I used: LA Colors Art Deco striper polish in Baby Pink, Sally Hansen Star Opal in Red Opal, and LA Colors Color Craze in Energy Source.  I have used Red Opal and Energy Source a lot in several other manicures.  Most notably, here.

Once I came up with the design I wanted to try out, I knew I really wanted to use one of the two striper/nail art polishes I have.  They're both in kind of random colors, at least compared to the rest of my collection.  I knew that the colors wouldn't go together super well, but I decided to go with it.

I was originally do going to do a second piece of tape, so that the white would only be in a triangle up at the top of the nail, I was going to use Zoya Yvette for the third color.  But when I went to put the tape on the thumb, it completely DESTROYED what I had already put on the nail.  So I then tried to save the nail and just painted over it all so it wasn't too noticeable.

With flash
I also didn't do the best clean-up job.  I usually wait until I take a shower the next morning to scrape off the excess polish on my skin, but since this was mostly just a trial attempt at nail art, I didn't really want to wait that long (because I'm super impatient).

Either way, I overall was really pleased with how the mani turned out, and I can't wait to try it again with different colors.  I just wanted to attempt it to see if I could fail a little less at it than I have with any of the water marbles I've attempted.  Those I don't even both taking pictures of, that's how bad they've been.

So I will be trying harder to post more often again in the next few weeks.  My boyfriend's sister will also be staying with us for a couple weeks in late July/early August, so I may recruit her to be my swatching guinea pig!


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