Monday, July 2, 2012

Happy Independence Day!

Yes, I know I'm two days early, but I doubt I will get a chance to post my mani on the Fourth.  And I completed my mani last night so that I could enjoy it for a couple of days.

Yay for gradients!  I've only attempted gradient/ombre nails once before...and while I wouldn't call it a fail, the two colors I chose were too similar, so you couldn't really see the effect.  Originally I was just going to do red and blue...and then I right before I applied the blue, I decided to add the white underneath instead.

The thumbnail is my favorite.  Unfortunately I had already messed it up a little bit since I did it last night until I could take pictures of it this afternoon.  Either way, I'm pretty proud of this manicure. And since I'm celebrating Fourth of July Part 1 tomorrow night, it will definitely last till then.

For this mani, I used Pure Ice Celestial and Crimson.  The white I used is LA Colors Energy Source. Celestial has a bit of a silver shimmer, but Crimson has a LOT of orange shimmer.  Both colors are really pretty on their own.  And make a great metallic, patriotic manicure.

In the above picture on the right, you can really see how shiny the polishes are, since the shine isn't really conveyed in most of the other pictures.

Basically, I did two coats of Crimson, followed by topcoat.  Then two coats of Energy Source and Celestial sponged on.  And then topped off with a final layer of topcoat.

And woo for a couple creative/artsy shots!  Overall, I'm pretty pleased with the outcome of this manicure.  It's really my first successful venture into nail art.  Since the only other nail art I have attempted is one other gradient design, and two horribly unsuccessful attempts at a water marble. Maybe some day!



  1. This is adorable! All I've seen for the fourth of July has been stripes and such, so I love how you did something a little bit different. (and who doesn't love sponged manis?)

    1. Thank you! :D

      Sponging is so far my only really sucessful nail art technique.


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