Monday, July 30, 2012

Spoiled's Club Rat

I LOVE this hot pink, sparkly polish!  This manicure is only two coats of Spoiled's Club Rat.  It was nearly opaque in one coat, but I decided to do a second coat anyway.  Then finished it off with topcoat.

It was definitely one of the easiest manicures I've done in awhile, just because there was only one color involved!  Yes, I know I'm lazy!  It also lasted nearly all week too.  Chipping didn't get REALLY bad until about day five.

I just love this color.  I really don't have anything else similar too it.  For being inexpensive polishes, I have been thoroughly impressed by all of the Spoiled polishes I own.  I can't wait until they're on sale at CVS again!

This was the first time I'd worn Club Rat on my fingernails.  I wore it on my toes for a couple weeks a few months ago...but I really like it on my fingernails WAY more!

My manicure was also featured in Marci's Nails and More fan photo album for last week!  So thanks to Marci!  I can definitely say Marci is one of the ladies that really inspired me to start a blog and get a Facebook fan page.

And to finish off the post, here is my cat Addy photo-bombing my swatch pictures!



  1. I am wearing the same nail polish and I love how it looks in the natural sunlight it is just marvelous! I've collected a few since it's on sale this week.

    1. Oh wow! I didn't realize Spoiled was on sale this week too! I just knew about the Sinful Colors at I'll have to go to CVS too!

      I do love this color though! I really like all of the Spoiled polishes I have. :)


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