Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Black Glitter and Red Crackle

So this is my most recent foray into nail art.  I am still kind of on the fence about this manicure.  I liked how it looked, but because it wasn't how I anticipated it looking...I wasn't completely sold.  I wore it for a day and then took it off.

The below image was my inspiration.  I got it from Daphne Does Nails' Facebook page.  I really liked the combination of the glitter, black, and the hot pink crackle.  

I had what I thought was pink crackle that I picked up at the flea market back in May, which you can read about here.  It wasn't until I started applying it last night did I realize it's red.  But I mean, look at the bottle, it looks kinda pink to me!

Not really the same shade of pink that Stephanie used, but still I thought it would be like a neon/coral pink.  It's KR brand polish, which I think came from Asia.  I also used Spoiled's Shaken Snow Globe, and LA Colors Circuits.

Overall, I really like how it looked, it just wasn't what I expected.  Stephanie also had the crackle polish covering more of the nail, which I had intended to do, but after I did the thumbnail and it didn't cover the whole ended up turning more into a funky french nail.  I used two coats of Circuits, followed by one coat of Shaken Snow Globe.  Then I used tape to tape off the tips and painted on the unnamed red crackle polish.  I then finished it off with topcoat.

I just love the Shaken Snow Globe glitter.  This is actually the first time I had used it even though it is my boyfriend's younger sister's favorite polish.  She uses it almost every time she does her nails!  It is mostly opalescent blue and green glitter in a clear base.  So I suppose this sort of qualified as a Try It On Tuesday manicure since I used two polishes I've had since May and never used (and I did the manicure on a Tuesday,  even though I'm posting about it on Wednesday).  

You can definitely see in the above picture how sparkly the glitter is.  And the fact that the crackle polish is definitely more of a cherry red.  I just love the lid on the crackle polish because of the crackle textured design.  

Overall, I liked this mani, but it just wasn't summery and fun enough.  So I opted to take it off after just one day.  I will definitely keep this design in mind and could see it making a come back using different colors.


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