Friday, September 28, 2012

I Won My First Giveaway!

Yes, it's true!  After months and months and months and months of entering giveaways, and getting to know so many more ladies in this fantastic polish community, I have finally won one!

I won Little J's Nail Corner's Reader Appreciation Giveaway! (I love the name of her blog by the way!)  You definitely need to check out Jennifer's blog and Facebook page.

I am the second prize winner and I won the two Milani polishes on the right, in the picture below.  They are 3D Digital and 3D Cyberspace.

I am so ridiculously excited.  I have been lusting after the Milani's for awhile now...every time I went into CVS.  And now I will finally have some!  Thank you so much for this opportunity Jennifer and for the fantastic giveaway! :D



  1. Whoohoo! Very exciting! I hope you enjoy them when they arrive :D :D :D


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