Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Another Nail Art Challenge!

Just a quick post, but I will be participating in another nail art challenge starting tomorrow!  This is another 10 day nail art challenge hosted by Erica of Erica's Nails and More!  This time, it's 10 days spaced out over the entire month of November.  Here is the breakdown day by day:

I am so excited for this challenge!  I definitely think the days being more spaced out will help me!  Look out for a post with Day 1 tomorrow or Friday, as I will be doing my rainbow manicure tonight! 

Have a great Halloween and be safe!  I'll try to post my Halloween mani when I get home tonight. :)


Go Pink Wednesday - Week 5

So I have finally made it back for the final installment of Go Pink Wednesday in October!  As I described in my Go Pink Wednesday - Week 2 post, Andrea from Finger Painting Fingers has been encouraging all the ladies in the blogsphere to paint their nails pink each Wednesday in October in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month.

This week, I actually used a new L'Oreal polish I picked up at CVS a few weeks ago when I had a coupon.  This is I Pink I'm in Love.  Such a cute name!   I also am in love with this color!

I Pink I'm in Love is a very subtle, shimmery pink.  My boyfriend's sister and I had been discussing how I didn't really have any "breast cancer pinks" at the beginning of the month, so when I saw this pastel, I decided to get it.

I actually wore this manicure for a couple days with limited wear!  It was great.  I thought  about doing some nail art on top, but I liked the color how it was.  But after the second day I decided to jazz it up after all and added Sally Hansen Star Opal in Red Opal on top.  They are nearly the same color on their own, but Red Opal as a great yellow, almost golden shimmer to it.

You can really see the shimmer that Red Opal adds in this next picture.  Red Opal is one of my favorite polishes and is so diverse when layered over different polishes.  If you click on Red Opal in the Labels column in the right, you can view all four times I've used Red Opal in posts on the blog!

Here are the two polishes I used together.  They are fairly similar in color, and both take three coats to build opacity.  I Pink I'm in Love is definitely more of an opaque polish though.  Either way, I loved this mani, and was glad of how it came out even if I did only get to participate in Go Pink Wednesday twice.

Look for a post on my Halloween mani tonight or tomorrow!


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sinful Colors Magnetic Polish

A couple weeks ago I picked up my first magnetic polish.  I decided to get Sinful Colors in Polar Opposites at Target because it was only $4.99 (the cheapest I've seen magnetic polishes) and because I hadn't seen a magnetic polish that was so unique.  I wish I had taken the below bottle-shot, but all credit goes to  She did a great review of Polar Opposites on her blog.

I absolutely fell in love with the blue shimmer in this steel grey polish.  It's gorgeous on its own even before the magnet is applied.  The magnet that came with this polish was a starburst shape.  Also, something I thought was relatively unique since I had never seen in-person a polish that came with a magnet that gave this design.

Above is the polish in direct sunlight.  You can see I messed up the pinky nail and didn't hold the magnet down long enough.  It was hard to judge how long was necessary for the design to show up.  The instructions recommended 15-20 seconds, but I found the design was clearer if I held it on longer.  It was also a little tricky to get the image centered on my nail and not touch is to the wet polish.  I'm sure it will get better with practice though.

This is the polish in indirect sunlight.  The right hand ended up being my favorite because of how awesome the thumb and forefinger nails came out.  Even though I smeared the corner of the thumb shortly after painting.  The starburst just looked awesome on those nails.

This next picture is artificial light with flash.  You can see the blue shimmer in the polish really well in this picture.  The blue shimmer was probably my favorite part of this polish.  I also just really like silver and grey polishes.  Also a great fall color!

As you can see, I didn't do as well on my left hand.  This is also not the best quality picture.  Sometimes the blue shimmer/glitter in this polish looks green, like in the below image.

Overall, I really liked this magnetic polish and look forward to using it again.  Also, I apologize for the lack of posting this month, I've been super busy with work and life in general.  Look for more coming in November. I am also participating in a new nail art challenge in November, so look out for that!


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Go Pink Wednesday!

In honor of October being Breast Cancer Awareness month, Andrea at Finger Painting Fingers is hosting "Go Pink Wednesday" and inspiring all the ladies in the blogosphere to paint their nails pink each Wednesday during October.  I was unable to participate last week, so this is my first post for Go Pink Wednesday!

Almost two weeks ago I found out I won Jennifer at Little J's Nail Corner giveaway!  I received my prize this past weekend after my apartment complex held my package hostage!  (In all honesty, they thought they had lost it and I was quite sad, but then I received another mail slip in my box on Saturday because they found it!)

The two colors I won were Milani 3D Digital and 3D Cyberspace.  I planned on having a post featuring both of them before posting this one, but since I've been sick this week, I just haven't had the opportunity.

Quick interruption in the story, but look at the gorgeous holo shift in the above two pictures!  It's really subtle and can only be seen in certain lights, but SO pretty!  I love this polish.  It's almost a nude on my skin tone.  There's just enough sparkle in normal light, but not a lot to scream "LOOK AT ME I'M WEARING GLITTER HOLO POLISH!!!!!!!"  Or something akin to that, lol.

Anywho, so the pink holo polish I'm wearing is Milani 3D Holographic polish in Digital.  I've never tried Milani before, and it is one of my new favorites.  The application of this polish was great!  I can't wait to try legit glitter polishes from Milani if the formula is this good.  I've heard they also have a great white polish too.  (I am always looking for white polish, my current go-to is Julep Kate - but I won't be shelling out $14 for it regularly, I got it in a Maven box).

Breast cancer awareness is near and dear to my heart and breast cancer runs in my family.  My grandmother (on my mom's side) and my great aunt (on my dad's side) have both had double mastectomies, and are both currently cancer free!  My family has been fortunate that in both cases it was detected early.  So everybody needs to be doing monthly breast exams even if you are not "old enough" to have a mammogram!  Ok PSA over, lol.

Anywho, I hope you enjoyed this beautiful polish and hope you find a way to give back this month or help spread breast cancer awareness!  Even if you're just wearing pink polish!  (My boyfriend's younger sister HATES pink, and I even have her on the bandwagon wearing Milani Digital with me).  Thanks again to Jennifer for providing me with this fantastic polish!


Thursday, October 4, 2012

September Nail Art Challenge Recap!

As promised, here is a recap of my first nail art challenge!  In September I participated in Erica's Nails and More 10 Day Nail Art Challenge.  The challenge flyer is as follows:


My favorite polish color is Zoya Lana.  I then used a black Art Deco striper polish to add the swoopy designs.

Day 2: Favorite Animal

My favorite animal is the dog, but these paw prints could pass for dogs or cats (that way my cat doesn't hate me too much).  I used Julep Kate as the base and LA Colors Circuits and a dotting tool to make the paw prints.

My favorite season is the Fall!  I used LA Colors Bronze, Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Rapid Red, and NYC Colors Plaza Plumberry to create the fall-colors inspired mani.

Day 4: Saran Wrap Nails

My favorite manicure of the challenge so far!  I used Julep Jessica as the base and used the sponge-on method with LA Colors Live, the shimmery silver color.  A very understated, yet glamorous mani!

Day 5: Gradient

Gradients are probably one of my favorite nail art techniques!  In all honesty, gradients are what got me into the polish and nail art world!  For this subtle gradient, I used Zoya Myrta and Zoya Kimber from the Zoya Pinterest Trio that came out this summer.

I told my boyfriend to pick a few colors for my manicure.  I believe he picked these thinking I wouldn't like to color combination, but I do!  I started with a base of LA Colors Static Electricity, then added the polka dots in LA Colors Tangerine and Julep Mandy.

I have never attempted flowers before this challenge!  I tried to find some inspiration, but decided to just wing it!  Unfortunatley, my flowers look more like pink sunny-side-up eggs...  However, I used LA Colors Astro for the base color and then used a dotting tool and two LA Colors Art Deco polishes in Baby Pink and Yellow to make the flowers. 

Day 8: Galaxy Nails

These were my first galaxy nails, and while I think I went a little too heavy on the other colors, and did not leave enough black on each nail, I like the results.  I used LA Colors Energy Source, Sinful Colors San Francisco, and Pure Ice Crimson and Celestial.  I then used a dotting tool to add stars and finished with Spoiled Shaken Snow Globe.

Day 9: French Tip Variant

I also used this mani as my Gator mani for the week since it's orange and blue!  The blue I used was Sinful Colors Midnight Blue, and the orange tips are Zoya Myrta.  I got lots of compliments on this mani though I wish Myrta looked more orange and less red...

Day 10: Recreate your favorite

I used Amber Nolan's Day 6 mani as my inspiration for my Day 10 manicure.  I used an unnamed e.l.f. polish as the base, which has tiny holo glitter in it, and then used a doting tool to add dots in LA Colors Live.  This was definitely one of manicures of the challenge!


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

10 Day Nail Art Challenge - Day 7

Here is my Day 7 entry from the nail art challenge I recently completed, which was hosted by Erica's Nails and More.  The theme for this day was Flowers.  I always promised I would share my successes as well as my failures...and I certainly can say this was not one of my favorite manicures of the challenge, lol.

I was a little bit rushed on this day, and was had no plans for this mani before doing it.  It just kind of came together.  I had envisioned this rough idea, but no plans for colors, nor did I practice.  I hadn't used my dotting tool very much at this point yet, and I have only used it a few times since.

After taking this picture, I decided that the poor little flowers looked more like pink sunny-side-up eggs...  And on my ring finger, one of the yolks is running.  I loved the colors and color combination I used, the execution just wasn't fantastic.

For this mani I used LA Colors Sea Foam as the base, and then dotted on the Baby Pink and Yellow from the LA Colors Art Deco polishes.  This was also the first time I had used Sea Foam...and it is now one of my favorite polishes.  Such a pretty color!  I look forward to using it again!

Anywho, I think I may have one, maybe two more posts left from the challenge, and then I'll go back to my regular posts.  I just wish I could have done these posts during the actual challenge like everyone else...but I was sooo crazy busy that week I was just glad I didn't miss a day!

Also, as a reminder, I will be doing a giveaway when I reach 100 Facebook fans on my fan page.  I'm up to 88 fans, so only 12 more to go!  I have one of the prizes already, and hoping to get the rest soon!

And I have to finish off with something NPR: my favorite band Muse released their new album today (The 2nd Law) and I'm listening to it now and it's fantastic!


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