Tuesday, October 2, 2012

10 Day Nail Art Challenge - Day 7

Here is my Day 7 entry from the nail art challenge I recently completed, which was hosted by Erica's Nails and More.  The theme for this day was Flowers.  I always promised I would share my successes as well as my failures...and I certainly can say this was not one of my favorite manicures of the challenge, lol.

I was a little bit rushed on this day, and was had no plans for this mani before doing it.  It just kind of came together.  I had envisioned this rough idea, but no plans for colors, nor did I practice.  I hadn't used my dotting tool very much at this point yet, and I have only used it a few times since.

After taking this picture, I decided that the poor little flowers looked more like pink sunny-side-up eggs...  And on my ring finger, one of the yolks is running.  I loved the colors and color combination I used, the execution just wasn't fantastic.

For this mani I used LA Colors Sea Foam as the base, and then dotted on the Baby Pink and Yellow from the LA Colors Art Deco polishes.  This was also the first time I had used Sea Foam...and it is now one of my favorite polishes.  Such a pretty color!  I look forward to using it again!

Anywho, I think I may have one, maybe two more posts left from the challenge, and then I'll go back to my regular posts.  I just wish I could have done these posts during the actual challenge like everyone else...but I was sooo crazy busy that week I was just glad I didn't miss a day!

Also, as a reminder, I will be doing a giveaway when I reach 100 Facebook fans on my fan page.  I'm up to 88 fans, so only 12 more to go!  I have one of the prizes already, and hoping to get the rest soon!

And I have to finish off with something NPR: my favorite band Muse released their new album today (The 2nd Law) and I'm listening to it now and it's fantastic!


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