Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sinful Colors Magnetic Polish

A couple weeks ago I picked up my first magnetic polish.  I decided to get Sinful Colors in Polar Opposites at Target because it was only $4.99 (the cheapest I've seen magnetic polishes) and because I hadn't seen a magnetic polish that was so unique.  I wish I had taken the below bottle-shot, but all credit goes to  She did a great review of Polar Opposites on her blog.

I absolutely fell in love with the blue shimmer in this steel grey polish.  It's gorgeous on its own even before the magnet is applied.  The magnet that came with this polish was a starburst shape.  Also, something I thought was relatively unique since I had never seen in-person a polish that came with a magnet that gave this design.

Above is the polish in direct sunlight.  You can see I messed up the pinky nail and didn't hold the magnet down long enough.  It was hard to judge how long was necessary for the design to show up.  The instructions recommended 15-20 seconds, but I found the design was clearer if I held it on longer.  It was also a little tricky to get the image centered on my nail and not touch is to the wet polish.  I'm sure it will get better with practice though.

This is the polish in indirect sunlight.  The right hand ended up being my favorite because of how awesome the thumb and forefinger nails came out.  Even though I smeared the corner of the thumb shortly after painting.  The starburst just looked awesome on those nails.

This next picture is artificial light with flash.  You can see the blue shimmer in the polish really well in this picture.  The blue shimmer was probably my favorite part of this polish.  I also just really like silver and grey polishes.  Also a great fall color!

As you can see, I didn't do as well on my left hand.  This is also not the best quality picture.  Sometimes the blue shimmer/glitter in this polish looks green, like in the below image.

Overall, I really liked this magnetic polish and look forward to using it again.  Also, I apologize for the lack of posting this month, I've been super busy with work and life in general.  Look for more coming in November. I am also participating in a new nail art challenge in November, so look out for that!


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