Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Nails!

Happy Halloween (a day late)!  I hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween.  We didn't do anything exciting for Halloween this year, but that's ok too.  I was pretty excited to do my Halloween manicure.  I know for a lot of people, this is their favorite holiday, but while I still enjoy Halloween, it's not my favorite.  It was a lot of fun seeing everyone else's Halloween manis throughout the month of October, but I just couldn't get THAT excited about trying to do SO many Halloween manicures.  So I decided to just stick with a day-of-Halloween manicure.

I pretty much LOVE how it turned out.  I used Kayla Shevonne's Halloween dotticure as an inspiration.  I only have one dotting tool, and though it is double ended, neither end makes particularly large dots.  So I kinda had to free hand the larger dots in my manicure.  I also wish I had chosen a different purple than Spoiled's 2 Weeks Sober.  In the bottle its gorgeous, with gold glitter/shimmer, but it just looked muddy over the black because of the glitter.  I found another purple in my stash (which I actually used in my Day 1 manicure for the new nail art challenge) that would have worked better.  I don't remember the name, but I will update the post when I find out.  It's Smackers brand, which equals its WAAAYYY old, from my old, old stash, from before I was obsessed.

Here are my nails with the cute little white chocolate-covered cookies one of my coworkers made!  The other polishes I used in this mani were: LA Girl Blackout for the base, and then for the dots I used Sally Hansen Hard as Nails White, LA Colors Tangerine, and Spoiled Permission to Proceed.  Permission to Proceed is definitely my new go-to green.  It's gorgeous and has an awesome yellow shimmer to it.  I'll have to swatch my new Spoiled polishes at some point....

Overall, this mani really wasn't very hard to do, or as time consuming as you would think.  I was probably able to both hands in about 30 minutes, not including dry time.  I did have to go back and do second coats on a few of the colors too.  But I really LOVED that mani.  I would've worn it longer if I wasn't starting the new nail art challenge today, and if I hadn't broken a nail...  I broke my ring finger nail on the seat belt buckle in my truck last I'll probably try my nails down tonight.

Also, in case you were wondering, the reason my watermark is in a different font is because I'm blogging from work (shhh!).  I have Windows Vista at home, and only XP here, so apparently the fonts aren't the same, because it doesn't have mine!  Anywho, I'm excited for the nail art challenge, so look forward to more posts from me this month!


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