Thursday, November 15, 2012

November Nail Art Challenge - Day 5

Ugh!  I promised I wouldn't procrastinate my Day 5 mani, but guess what -- I lied!  I've been super busy the last week, and I don't see things letting up anytime soon, unfortunately.  That and I couldn't find a color combination I really liked for my half moon mani.  The final result was a blue and purple combination.

Since I knew everyone generally uses hole re-inforcers to create their half moon manis, I went on a mission to find some this past weekend.  I actually found some at the dollar store (originally priced at a dollar for 544 stickers) in the clearance section for fifty cents, and then they rang up as twenty-five cents at the register!  Score!  Unfortunately, I still failed at the technique.

I also don't have a lot of time to blog tonight, so this is to be continued, and I will finish the post on Saturday when I have more time.  I just wanted to make sure to get on the Inlinkz in time.


And I'm back!  Now I will finish my post for Day 5's half moon manicure.  So the main reason it took me so long to do this mani was I actually did it twice!  I had trouble deciding what color combination I wanted to use.  I initially decided on NYC Long Wearing in Charming Rose Creme and Sally Hansen Color+Care in Satin, which can be seen in the next picture.

I liked the color combination of the rose-leaning purple (it's closer to a true purple than the red-pink the picture shows) and the pastel pink...but the hole re-inforcers I used did not want to stick to my nails, or my skin for that matter, and the top color leaked around the edges.  I then tried to use the brush to fix some areas...and just ended up making it worse.  I took pictures, but I really did not like how it turned out.

So I painted over the whole thing with Charming Rose and wore it the rest of the day.  Then when I came home that night I tried again with the re-inforcement labels.  This time it worked slightly better...I'm still not overly impressed.  I'll have to try free-handing the moons if I ever attempt this design again.  I did wear this combination for the whole day and it didn't bother me too bad.

The blue I used in the final manicure was Navy Baby from the Sally Hansen Salon Complete Manicure line.  This is a gorgeous blue and I definitely look forward to using it again.  I know it looks almost black in most of the poorly lit pictures I have, but this final one is my favorite because you can see how bold the blue is in direct light.

So we're finally half way!  Only five more days left!  The half moon was definitely the hardest thing of the challenge so far.  I just hope the water marble isn't too bad!


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