Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Liebster Award 2.0

Yes, I blatantly stole the name of this post from Erica, who also received a nomination this week for the Libester Award (again).  I actually received this award the first time, back in August.  But because I enjoy doing these get-to-know-you posts I decided to do it again (was anyone else obsessed with doing MySpace questionnaires back in the day?).

I was nominated by Kat of Kat Stays Polished and Kat's Nail Polish and Designs (her Facebook), Janet of Janet Planet Nails, Carrie of Polish Insomnia, and Melissa of Polish Gone Crazy  Thank y'all so much!  I truly am honored to be recognized and I definitely want to share the love <3.

And just for a little about the Liebster Award, in case you aren't familiar with it, the Liebster Award looks to recognize new bloggers with less than 200 followers and help them get discovered.  I think it's a great motivational tool, and I am just as excited to be bestowed this honor now as I was in August. :)

The rules are, you must post 11 random facts about yourself, then answer the 11 questions the other person asked.  Then come up with 11 new questions and tag 11 new blogs with less than 200 followers. So first, I will list 11 random facts about myself (and they'll be different from the ones in August!).

1. I can literally talk myself out of buying anything.  Want an example?  I can't bring myself to spend $14 on the ButterLondon polish (Two Fingered Salute) I don't know if I can live without.  But have I ordered it???? NOPE.
2. I consider myself relatively tech savvy, yet all my watermarks are done in Paint, because I can't find a way I like better to do them.  Yes, I'm that low-tech.
3. I'm the oldest of two kids, I have a younger brother who is two years younger than me.
4. I have virgin hair.  I have never-ever colored my hair.  I'm actually kind of afraid to because I'm afraid I won't get my original hair color back.  I have dirty blonde hair (though some people try to tell me I'm a strawberry blonde, I don't see it) with natural highlights, so I've never had the urge to even get highlights.  I wouldn't mind having that dark red colored hair, but it would NOT look good with my complexion.
5. I am currently biding my time as a secretary while I wait for my boyfriend to graduate college so that I can go find a job in my field - meteorology!
6. Until today, my boyfriend's younger sister was the only friend/family member who knew about my blog/Facebook page.  Somehow my brother' girlfriend found the Facebook page...and now I'm sure everyone knows about it. ;)
7. Sometimes I miss college, just because I'm sick of this real-life bull crap!  Though I definitely would not have had time for a polish addiction while in college...
8. I love going on trips with my boyfriend (I mean who doesn't?).  But we always have a really good time.  So far we've been to St. Augustine (FL), St. George Island (FL), Biloxi (MS), and Nashville (TN), to name the highlights.  We've also done lots of driving tours of Florida and been to the theme parks and the beach and stuff. :)
9. I am a native Floridian, born and raised in a small town outside of Orlando.  I went to college in Melbourne and now live in Gainesville.
10. I HATE Disney.  When you grew up near Disney, and all you ever hear about is Disney, and know the negative affects of them coming to Central Florida, you tend to not like them.  Ask anyone who is native to where I'm from and they'll agree.  (On a side note, I don't pay to go to Disney, I only go when people I know who work there can get me in free lol.)
11. My dad is an award-winning competition barbeque cook.  He isn't world famous or anything, but he has competed throughout the state.  He went through a phase where he wasn't cooking for awhile, so he judged instead.  Because of that I dissect any bbq that I eat and can tell you what's good and bad about it as well as what they used to season it, what's in the sauce, and how it was prepared.  Therefore I will only eat bbq at mom and pop restaurants or anywhere where I can actually SEE the cooker (no chain restaurants who dabble in bbq).

Kat's Questions:
1. Do you remember what your FIRST polish was?
I don't necessarily remember what my first polish was, but when I was a kid I had a lot of the little Bon Bons polishes.  I actually had a lot of them still when I moved last year, but I threw them out since most were dried up.
2. Milk chocolate or dark chocolate?
I'm going to go with milk chocolate.  Just because I could eat milk chocolate ANYTIME.  I love dark chocolate too, but I don't want it all the time, just because it isn't as sweet. :)
3. Coffee or tea?
Well, I absolutely abhor hot tea.  I won't touch it, even if I'm sick.  However, being the good southerner that I am, I LOVE SWEET TEA.  I like regular iced tea too...but sweet tea if definitely a guilty pleasure.  I only like coffee if its like a latte or a mocha or something.
4. Coke or Pepsi?
I am a Coca-Cola girl all the way!  I will drink the occasional Pepsi if that's the only thing, but I won't even touch a Diet Pepsi.
5. Do you send out Christmas cards to family?
Ever since I graduated high school, I always sent my close friends Christmas cards.  Even though last year was my first Christmas not living at home, I didn't send cards to my family.  I'm thinking about sending them to some extended family that I don't see as much and my boyfriend's family we won't see this Christmas.
6. What was the best vacation you ever went on?
Hmmm...this is a tough one.  With my family it would have to be when went to the Grand Canyon when I was 12.  With Jason (my boyfriend), it would probably be when we went to St. Augustine.  He and I are known for our "Sarah and Jason Fails" - something always goes wrong whenever we plan anything out.  And other than him having a stomach virus and not being able to eat anything the first two days we were gone, it was a great trip (no, that is not the worst luck we have ever had).
7. Where would you love to have your ultimate dream vacation?
I would like to visit all 50 states, and because I'm a loser, I would like to go to every NASCAR race in a season someday.  I also would like to go to Australia.
8. If you have kids, how many do you have? If you don't currently have kids, how many do you want?
I don't have kids yet.  Ideally I'd like two, a boy and a girl, though I'd be ok with three.
9. Does your husband/boyfriend/partner have an influence on your blog?
Nope, he doesn't even know it exists!  Though I'm sure he has a hunch, since he knows I take pictures of my nails and polishes all the time...  I do ask for his opinion a lot though, and after a lot of whining, he usually gives it to me.
10. Is polish your life?
While polish does currently play a major role in my life, it isn't ruling my life.  Jason is my life, followed in a close second is my cat, Addy, and my family.
11. What will be your New Year's resolution?
I gave up on resolutions about seven years ago since I never kept any of them (not even fun ones).

Carrie's Questions:
1. What is your giulty pleasure?
My guilty pleasure is definitely the show Ridiculousness on MTV.  It's basically America's Funniest Home Videos for adults (without the off-color humor of Tosh.O)
2. What is one thing you cannot live without?
Music - there is no way I could live without it.
3. What is your favorite TV show?
Currently my favorite show is Revenge, on ABC.  Of all time, it would probably be the Andy Griffith Show. :)
4. If you could do anything, what would be your dream job? Why?
I would be a meteorologist.  I've always had a passion for it since I was young, and my degree is in meterology.  I'm just biding my time until my boyfriend graduates college till I can find a job in my field.
5. What is your favorite beverage?
Sweet tea!  And it's definitely gotta be brewed, not instant!
6. What is one thing you want to do before you die?
I would really like to go skydiving one day...
7. What is the best concert you've been to?
DEFINITELY when I saw Muse in 2010.  I drove all the way from Orlando, FL to Nashville, TN (the nearest concert venue) to see them!  And they didn't disappoint!
8. What are some goals you have for 2013?
I would really like to get back into better shape and start eating healthier again. 
9. What's your dream vacation?
See above :)
10. Are you cooking dinner at home or going out for dinner? (On a regular basis)
We eat at home most nights, and usually my boyfriend cooks, since he is much better at it then I am.
11. Would you rather...have your personality change every day or have your looks change every day?
I'd rather have my looks change.

Janet's Questions:
1. What is your favorite color polish?
I tend to lean towards blues and pinks - I wear blue the most though!
2. What is your favorite Holiday Polish Collection?
Probably KBShimmer's holiday collection.  There are three polishes I want from that collection...
3. What polish brand do you own the most of?
Hmm...I own a lot of Spoiled and LA Colors, I'm not sure which I have the most of though
4. What was your first indie?
My first indies were Tropical Tide and Grapefruit Sorbet from Polished Perfection (who fell off the face of the earth shortly after I bought those...) 
5. To glitter or not to glitter? (Are you a glitter fan)
I'm a bit picky about my glitter...especially glitter polish.  I think it's slightly funny how my glitter tastes have changed since I started my polish obsession though.
6. If you had to choose one polish as your most favorite, which one would it be?
Wow, I have no favorite that I own is probably either CG Flip Flop Fantasy or Zoya Lana.
7. If you could create your own polish what would you use in it colors, glitter?
I would probably make one of those white-based polishes and put orange and blue circle glitter in it!
8. What is your least favorite/never use again brand?
Hmmm...I don't really have one.  I had a bad experience with the only OPI I've ever owned, but it's not enough to make me not buy them again (on sale lol).
9. Do you match your mani to your pedi?
Not right now they don't.  Whenever I redo my toes, I tend to do them to match my mani, but since I change my mani multiple times a week, they end up not matching rather quickly.
10. What are you currently wearing on your nails?
I am currently wearing Pretty and Polished Scorpion and the Sea :)
11. Did you make sure to come follow my blog? Sorry I had too lol
Yep (though I thought I already was following! lol)

Melissa's Questions:
1. How many siblings do you have?
I have one, younger brother
2. Do you prefer mani or pedi and do you you do your own pedis or let someone else do it for you?
I've actually never had my nails professionally done, but I would rather do it myself because I don't see the point in paying for something that I can do myself.  Not to say that I would turn down the chance to get a mani/pedi for free. :)
3. How many bottles of nail polish do you have?
I counted a few weeks ago, and I believe it was around 120, counting top/basecoats and nail art striper polishes.
4. Do you prefer long or short nails, and what shape?
I have relatively short nails...they are very brittle when they grow out and so often break.  Ideally, I'd like to have them a little longer (consistently) and either square or squoval shaped.
5. What polish brand do you have the most of?
Probably LA Colors, but its a toss up between LA Colors and Spoiled
6. Would you prefer a rack/shelf or drawers for polish storage?
I had a rack that my boyfriend built...but while he was trying to create his own design, it ended up not being structurally sound...and two of the shelves gave out :( (there were no polish casualities though!)
7. Do you use striping tape and what do you think of it?
I really want to get striping tape, but so far I've never used it.
8. Do you own dotting tools or do you make your own?
I have one double-ended dotting tool that doesn't make very big dots.  I really like it though.
9. Do you do manis for random world days that no one else knows about?
Hmm...somewhat, but I mean, I usually find out about them from the nail polish community (or are at least inspired because of  it), so I guess people know about it.
10. Do you have a significant other, and what do they think of your polish addiction?
My boyfriend knows I'm addicted...and he's not super enthusiastic about it, but he doesn't complain too much. He also doesn't know I blog. :)
11. What made you decide to start blogging?
I was reading lots of nail blogs, and decided I wanted to document my progress with nail art and share it with anyone who cared enough to read it lol.

 My questions for the nominated blogs:
1. Is your favorite polish your favorite color too?
2. If you could have any animal as a pet, what would it be?
3. What is your favorite part about the holidays?
4. Who was your biggest influence to start your own blog?
5. Have you ever left the country you live in?
6. Would you rather read the book or watch the movie?
7. What is your preferred genre of music?
8. What is your least favorite part of your current job (or school)?
9. What is your go-to polish when you can't decide what color you want to paint your nails?
10. What name(s) would you NEVER name your children?
11. What was the last embarassing thing that happened to you?

My nominees:
1. An Accent Nail
2. Color the World With Polish
3. Missy's Manis
4. Breezy the Nail Polish Lover
5. Enchanted Nails and Fluffy Dog Tails
6. Painted Nubbs
7. Hand-y Feats and Other Treats
8. HelloLacquer
9. Get Polished Up
10. Nail Junkie
11. Never Gonna Give You Up


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