Sunday, January 6, 2013

Holiday Jelly Sandwiches

Happy New Year!  It's my first post of 2013!  I hope everyone is having a great year so far!

Today, I'll be bringing you the two holiday manis I rocked during my two week hiatus.  They're both essentially the same - red jelly sandwiches - but I used different glitter in each one.  I have already posted a picture on my Facebook page of the mani I wore on Christmas day.  Here is that mani:

For this mani I used NYC Broadway Burgundy, which is a red jelly with red microglitter in it, and Pure Ice Spitfire.  Spitfire is pink/purple holo glitter polish.  It's so awesome!  Though I'm not sure I would ever wear it by itself, it's that bold!

You can also see the quality of the picture is much greater than in those below. That's because I used my Christmas present from my boyfriend, a sexy new Nikon! :D  I am SO excited about that camera, in case you couldn't tell!

The other mani I wore, during my last week of work before the break, is a jelly sandwich with again, NYC Broadway Burgundy, and LA Colors Sparkling Diamonds.  I've used Sparkling Diamonds before, in my "Plenty of Fish with Disco Balls in the Sea" post, which can be seen here

I tried to be holiday-ish (since I planned on posting this during the holidays), by holding one of my favorite Christmas ornaments.  I just love the cardinals in the tree!  

You can see that Sparkling Diamond is a lot more subtle than Spitfire is in the jelly sandwich, but still awesome!  For both manis, I did one coat of Broadway Burgundy, then one coat of the glitter, followed by one final coat of Broadway Burgundy and topcoat.

Yay for my first really successful jelly sandwiches!  I really like how both turned out.  Other than these two manis, I had naked nails for most of my two week break from work.  Hopefully later this week I'll bring you a post about all the polish-related goodies I got for Christmas! :)


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