Thursday, January 24, 2013

LA Colors Sea Foam

Today I have a gorgeous polish to share with you!  Teal and mint definitely seem to be the on-trend colors for Spring.  I was shopping this weekend, and fell in love with all the mint colored colors. :)  So I was inspired to do a mint colored mani.

The base color of this mani is LA Colors Sea Foam, which is a mossy, grey-based, minty green.  Was that descriptive enough for you?  It took two coats for opacity, but I added a third to smooth things out.  Application was great, though there were some bald spots still after two coats.

I then decided to add a coat of Pretty and Polished Heist on top.  I did a post about Heist towards the end of last year, which can be seen here.  It definitely looks classy over Sea Foam.  I received Heist in a grab bag promotion Pretty and Polished had back in November.  Pretty and Polished polishes can be purchased via their website or on Etsy.

I love this mani and am still wearing it!  It has surprisingly held up well too, considering I'm rather rough on my nails.  My only complaint with these pictures, is that Heist looks kind of black due to the flash on my camera.  If you click on the image and make it larger, you will get a better idea of the look of Heist over Sea Foam.  It really is pretty in person, subtle, but with just a bit of sparkle.


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  1. I nominated you for the Liebster award! congratulations :)


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