Thursday, February 7, 2013

February Nail Art Challenge - Day 3

And we're on to Day 3!  Today's theme was glitter-loaded nails.  I had a hard time trying to decide what to do since the prompt really left a LOT of wiggle room.  So I decided to pull out my never-used Color Club Starry Temptress set I picked up awhile ago at Beall's Outlet, and do a skittle mani!

Each of the Color Club polishes have fine, slightly holographic glitter in them.  The glitter in polish is very different, and rather subtle, but don't worry, I took care of that. ;) They're also awesome neons!

The colors from the set that I used are: Glitter Envy (green), Otherwordly (blue), Wink, Wink, Twinkle (purple), Ultra Astral (pink), and You Got Soul-ar (orange).  There was also a clear-based holo topcoat in the set, Starry Temptress, which I then layered over the top of each nail.

So, already it's wayyyy more glittery than I would ever wear on a daily basis.  But my boyfriend kept trying to convince me to wear it to work like this...and it was just like...I'm pretty sure a neon, glittery, skittle mani would not go over very well at work...  And because I wanted it to be a real glitter bomb, I added one of the glitter topcoats I won in Naked Without Polish's giveaway last month. 

This is Christmas Kitsch, by LynBDesigns.  Christmas Kitsch has a ton of multi-colored square glitter!  It's really unique from anything else I have.  And while it's not neon glitter, I thought the multi-colored glitter would go well over my multi-colored nails.  Application was relatively easy, I used two coats, first using the regular method, and the second coat the dabbing method.

And now for some macros!  Above, is a bottle shot of Christmas Kitsch, and below is a before and after shot of the nails with and without Christmas Kitsch.  You can really see the holo that Starry Temptress adds to the the individual nail color.

Woo!  Three days down, six to go!  The next challenge will be "inspired by a pattern."  I still need to figure out what I'm doing for that mani!  I'm having a great time doing the challenge and I hope all the other gals are too!



  1. Very pretty! I love the bright, neon colors!

  2. Such an awesome idea! I LOVE the bright colors, can't imagine how sparkly this is. I'd spend all day just staring at my nails!

    1. Thanks! It was SUPER sparkly in the sun!

  3. Me thinks I need that set! Who wants to get me this?!?! :D I love this Sarah! I would totally wear this to work (mom's the boss, so she doesn't really care what I wear to work on my nails :) ) and if my co-worker said anything I would just go :P HAHA! This is totally glitter-loaded and I love it - I hope it wasn't too much like cement to take off :S

    1. Surprisingly, it wasn't too bad to take off at all. I don't think anyone in my office would really say anything about it, I just don't feel professional with neon skittles! lol

  4. These are gorgeous skittles! I love this collection and have the whole set. Some are so bright you need to wear sunglasses!!!


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