Friday, February 22, 2013

February Nail Art Challenge - Day 8

Let me just start by saying how ridiculously difficult this mani was to photograph.  So I apologize now for some of the poorer-quality images.  The theme for Day 8 of Erica's Nails and More February 9-Day Nail Art Challenge was polka dots.  Dotticures are probably one of my favorite techniques to try out because of how many different things you can do and how easy they are!  I don't think I've ever done the same dotticure twice.

For this mani, I used a base coat of Zoya Storm - only two coats until opacity.  My boyfriend got me Storm for Valentine's Day (at the urging of his sister who knew I wanted it) and it is currently my new favorite polish.  Once you get out in the sunlight...this polish is just beautiful in all of holographic glory.  I decided to add my polka dots using Sally Hansen Pumping Iron.  Which, ironically, was given to me for Christmas from my boyfriend! :)

The above picture is the best one of the bunch, where you can actually see the design!


This final picture I mainly included because you can see how amazing the holo is in Storm!  And it definitely translates from bottle to nail.  I'm excited because I will be wearing this mani when I go see my favorite band, Muse, in concert tomorrow!  I wanted to do some Muse-related nail art, but I've been super busy this week and knew I would be disappointed with whatever I pulled together.  So I ended up going with this design since it sort of reminds me of Muse, and its black and awesome all at the same time.

I'm so sad that there is only one more day left in the challenge!  This has definitely been my favorite challenge so far, of the three I've participated in.  I like being proud of what I throw together for the challenges, and I definitely like seeing my nail art skills improve!



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