Thursday, February 28, 2013

LA Girls Magnetic Polish

For as much as my boyfriend "despises" my nail polish addiction, as I've mentioned before, he sure does enable it!  A few weeks ago he ran to the dollar store to pick up a few things, and came home with nail polish for me!  He knew that he had not seen them before and decided to pick out one of the LA Girl Magnetic polishes.  (He works at Target, and I personally think he was drawn to the magnet shape - which is a target).

The color he picked out is Magnetized - a metallic rosey red color.  I LOVE this color.  I would wear it even without using the magnet to enhance it.  The polish applied like a breeze as well.  There were no directions for application on the bottle, so I followed the instructions from the Sinful Colors magnetic polishes.  I reviewed one of the two I have here.  I first applied one thin layer of polish, and once it dried (opaque in coat - by the way!), I added a second thicker coat and held the magnet just above the surface my nail.  Because I'm anal-rententive I did redo a few nails because I couldn't get the target centered, but as you can see with the index finger it really isn't that noticable when it isn't centered.

Unfortunately, the magnet design did not translate as well on the nail as the magnet from the Sinful Colors polish.  But either way, I liked the subtlty of the design, because it really wassn't noticeable until you looked closer.  As you can see in a few of the pictures, there is a bit of tip-wear, but this was after two days of wear!  And no chips!  I believe I ended up wearing this for three or four days before I finally took it off!

In this macro shot, you can see the red sparkles and shimmer that is in this polish that using the magnet really brings to life.  It's such a pretty polish!

Even though the magnetic trend has come and gone for the most part, if you missed it or are just looking for some cheaper alternatives, definitely give the LA Girls magnetic polishes a second look.  The colors are gorgeous, and I would definitely be interested in picking up a few more to try out some of the other magnet designs.  I'm still intrigued by magnetic polishes and I think its a quick and easy way to get some simple nail art on your nails without having to put in a lot of effort.  Especially if you like subtle!


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