Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Metallic Mishmash Mani

So I was trying to use some of my untrieds together for this mani.  I ended up picking out Sally Hansen Pumping Iron, Sally Hansen Sage Smash (green glitter crackle), and Spoiled Jewelry Heist, hoping they would at least sort of go together!  I wasn't sure how I would use Sage Smash, but since it doesn't scream crackle polish in this mani, it ended up not being so bad.

I wasn't exactly sure how it would turn out, but I actually like it!  It's very metallic-y and sparkley, the pictures just don't do it justice.  You can see more of the sparkle in the below picture, particularly on the thumb since it is out of focus compared to the rest of the picture.

And here is the mani in direct sunlight.  The green crackle gives a very different look to the metallic silver of Pumping Iron, which I thought was cool.  Maybe over white, the crackle would be more noticeable.

Jewelry Heist is a unique polish as well.  I'l like to layer it over black or maybe a blue/teal color.  I think the black would really help make the colored glitter pop.  Jewelry Heist is composed of large metallic pink hex glitter, fine green glitter (which mostly blended in with the crackle), small teal hex glitters.

Overall, I don't mind the combination of the three polishes in this mani.  I was tentative at first, but I like the final results.  What do you think of the end result?  It's definitely different, but different in a good way?


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