Saturday, March 30, 2013

Rimmel Hard Metal

Today, I bring you my Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro polish - Hard Metal!  I am in LOVE with this color and brand.  I wore this polish for over a week and no chips!!  I will definitely be investing in more of these polishes.  This is currently the only Rimmel I have.  My boyfriend picked it out for me for Christmas.  And I just have to say this is a standout favorite!

Hard Metal is a blue-grey color, with a slightly metallic finish.  Its a little bit more forgiving than a regular metallic polish since the ridges were my nails peel aren't too obvious (see index finger).  You can still see the ridges...but it wasn't too bad.

The tip wear in these pictures is after four days.  Yes - four days!  If you are looking for a long-wearing polish, you should definitely try out Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro.  Even though it says 10 days, I took it off after 8 due to tip wear.  But it really didn't look that bad!  This was a one coater!  And no topcoat!

Hard Metal was a dark, blur-grey polish with blue, green, and purple flecks in it, which you can definitely see the in below macro image.

I love this polish!  Definitely one my favorite new-to-me polishes for 2013!  It's such a multi-dimensional polish with great wear.  I am really interested in picking up a few more of these Lasting Finish Pro polishes.

Check back tomorrow as I will be beginning the ABC Challenge, hosted by Erica's Nails and More!


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