Tuesday, April 9, 2013

ABC Challenge - Week 2

This week B is for Braided Mani!  I had a coupon and picked up two of the CoverGirl Outlast Nail Slicks last weekend and REALLY wanted to use them...even though they had nothing to do with the letter B.  (Though, I suppose I could have waited until next week for the letter C, but oh well!)  So I decided to have the letter correspond to the nail art this week.

The polishes I used are: Covergirl Reliable Red, Covergirl Peaches and Cream, and China Glaze Magical.  Coincidentally, these colors also look AMAZING together in my opinion.  Unfortunately, they were kind of hard to photograph and are not quite color accurate.

Peaches and Cream, though it definitely looks peach in the pictures, is actually closer to a pastel pink or coral.  Reliable Red is definitely more hot pink than red too.  I think its funny that in real life they don't look like their names, but do in the pictures!  I then evened out the braid using China Glaze Magical, a taupe metallic.

Yes, my pinky nails is abnormally long compared to the rest of them...and it looks even more so in the above picture.  I suppose I should probably file that one down, lol.  Peaches and Cream almost looked like a nude (but more pink) on my pale skintone.  The base of Peaches and Cream is just two coats!  I was super excited about how opaque it was from the start.  I did a second coat just to even out some of the bald patches.

Unfortunately, you can see the smooshed lines from where the topcoat wasn't QUITE dry before I went to bed (ERG, I HATE IT!).  So...I may need to just invest in Out the Door or Seche...because I'm tired of lines from my sheets on my nails.  I did put another coat of topcoat on the next morning to try and smooth them out, which helped a little bit.  There's also a few small bubbles in Magical, but those are less noticeable because of the smooshes.

Overall, I am super pleased with how this braided mani came out.  I've attempted this once before, for the first nail art challenge I ever participated in, and I did NOT like the outcome very much.  This is much simpler and elegant.  And my straight lines have improved. :)  Here is my early braided mani from the September nail art challenge.  Yay, for improvement!


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