Friday, April 5, 2013

OPI Liquid Sand - The Impossible

TGIF!  This has been an insane week, and I'm glad its almost over!  Today I bring you The Impossible, the second of four Mariah Carey Liquid Sand polishes.  I know OPI has since released (and are about to release) more Liquid Sands, but these are the originals!  As you can read in my post here, about Get Your Number, I picked up the mini four-pack of Liquid Sand polishes at Ulta on a whim, back in January.

Ok, so first off, ignore the right hand swatches!  I had a really bad break on my middle finger of my left hand, and couldn't bear to make everyone would look at it, lol.  As you can see, I pretty much had nubbins on both hands, but believe me, the left hand was MUCH worse.

As you can see with the two macro shots, The Impossible, was sort of impossible (see what I did there?) to get nice looking at the top of the nail.  But fortunately, in real life, and not in macro shots, it looked just fine. :)

The Impossible has mostly been described as being more red, but I definitely think its more of a hot coral.  I LOVE this color.  I thought the blue would be my favorite of the collection, but I think this one might win.  Get Your Number was definitely more holographic than The Impossible, but I felt like there was more depth to this polish.  And it was definitely more wearable.

In most lights, the polish definitely looked more pink, which I liked.  It is definitely a great color with my fair complexion.  In these swatch pics, I used two coats of The Impossible, and no top coat.  The formula was exactly the same as Get Your Number, though fortunately, no wonky brush!  I also don't know if there was any VNL, because, well, I had nubbins, so there were no tips!

My favorite shot of the bunch. :) So fancy! So pretty!

And, in this final picture, you can finally see the holo glitter light up on my thumb.  I liked this polish because unless you looked closely at it, you wouldn't necessarily see the glitter, the texture, etc. and I think that is what is neat about some of the textured polishes out there.  That its a subtle effect.  

Anywho, eventually I will bring you the final two Liquid Sand polishes in the collection, Can't Let Go and Stay the Night.  But I haven't even worn them yet, lol.  So what is your take on textured polishes now that everyone and their brother and mother makes them?  I'm not overly interested in any of the others, but I wouldn't be opposed to trying them.  The JulieG gumdrop polishes are the most interesting to me.  Anyone else have a favorite textured polish, or one they want to try?


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