Wednesday, May 29, 2013

ABC Challenge - Week 9

So this week, I took the easy way out and didn't do any nail art...  I'm sorry, I'm in love with this color and couldn't bring myself to cover it up!  I just wish my pictures did this polish justice...

This week is the letter "I," so I is for Julep Ivy.  Ivy is a GORGEOUS royal blue to purple shifting duochrome.

Ivy is another untried for me - I'm slowly but surely working through my untrieds doing this challenge!  I received Ivy in my December Julep Maven box.  I don't think I've used any of the three polishes from that box yet...until Ivy anyway.  Probably why I've skipped every Maven box since then (though I did sort of want June, but that was mostly for the DD creme lol).

I just did a quick Google search and apparently no one can capture the duochrome of this polish, so now I don't feel bad!  I even went outside to take pictures!  I typically do my nails at night, so its generally dark out when I take pictures of my nails.  But I made of a point of trying to get sunlight pictures, but still, no success!

These first three pictures were taken in direct sunlight.  The next one was taken in the shade, outside.  You can slightly see the duochrome in the curve of my nails, but still not really.  It's really apparent indoors, in indirect light (i.e. in the shadows - it's weird).

The above picture is the only one taken indoors with flash.  This was when I realized that I needed to try out a few different light sources to try and show this polish truer to color.

I LOVE how sparkly Ivy is.  Shimmery, sparkly goodness!  And blue - selling points in my books.  I don't know why it took me so long to wear.  This was three coats of Ivy.  You definitely wonder when you start if its going to take 100 coats its so thin, but luckily it builds up quickly, and with beautiful results.

So this past Sunday, May 26, was my one-year blogiversary!  Thank you to everyone who has stuck with me this past year and supported me along the way!  I look forward to continuing on this polish journey!


Thursday, May 23, 2013

ABC Challenge - Week 8

This week for the ABC Challenge is the letter "H"!  Fortunately, I also knew I had another untried that started with the letter H, Hyde Park by L'Oreal.  I had originally planned to do some sort of nail art, but hadn't really thought too hard about it.  I just knew Hyde Park was my H, lol.

And then FingerFood Nails posted her H mani...which was hearts, and I knew I had another untried polish I could use!  I got Kleancolor Peaceful Heart last summer towards the beginning of my obsession from Copious (what ever happened to their deals? you never hear about them anymore) using free credits I had.

This is two coats of Hyde Park with one coat of Peaceful Heart on top.  The formula for Hyde Park was ok, a little thick, but not bad.  It was streaky, but almost opaque in one coat, so a second one was needed to even things out.  I had to go fishing for the hearts in Peaceful Heart.  Especially since I wanted at least one heart on each nail.

Peaceful Heart is cool because all the glitter has a holographic effect to them.  When they catch the light you can see the holo and it makes everything even more sparkly than it really is.  I originally hadn't planned on wearing Hyde Park + Peaceful Heart to work, but due to the timing I did my nails that night...I didn't have enough time to take it off and paint my nails a different color.  This is mani typically wayyy to much for my office, but I actually got several compliments!  One of the new girls in my office sent me an email at 9:30 at night (which I saw the next morning) to tell me that she thought my nails were really awesome and had meant to say something that day but forgot. :)

In my opinion, the macro shot shows the holo-ness of the glitter the best.  The hearts were kind of a metallic light blue, and the glitter was all light green.  It was just enough sparkle.  I think I would wear this glitter again to work, but this time not pick out the hearts and just use the hex glitter!

Here is a picture without flash to show Hyde Park truer to color.  Unfortunately, I still have not mastered all the settings on my new camera I got for Christmas, so its a little blurry,  but definitely more true to color.  You can also see how the glitter catches natural light instead of the flash.  I enjoyed this mani, especially since it involved my favorite color, green!  Which is slightly ironic, because I RARELY wear green polish...

I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend!  We're not doing anything special...but Sunday is my one year blogiversary!!!  I can't believe its already been a year, holy cow!


Friday, May 17, 2013

ABC Challenge - Week 7

This week I'm bringing you several untrieds along with the ABC Challenge!  The nail art technique I used for this mani was a glitter gradient (my first G!), was also an untried technique for me.  I did actually have inspiration for this mani. This picture I saw on Facebook earlier in the week.  While I don't have Razzle Me Dazzle Me, I do have Glitz 'N Pieces, and I did a gradient.  The colors were more so the inspiration for me. :)

Both polishes used in this mani were untrieds.  I started with a base of Sephora by OPI polish Break a Leg Warmer! (and no, I'm not that excited, there really is an exclaimation point in the name).  Break a Leg Warmer! is a great dusty gray polish that was perfect with two coats.  The formula was great, and almost could have been a one-coater, but was spotty in a few places.

I then did approximately two coats of Glitz 'N Pieces, from the China Glaze Bitz 'N Pieces collection, on the top half of each nail.  I tried to drag the smaller glitter pieces further down the nail and it worked on some nails.  A good example is my ring finger nail (on the right in the below picture) - it's one of my favorite nails out of both hands, lol.  Glitz 'N Pieces was awesome, purely because of the sheer amount of glitter in that polish, it's ridiculous!  To finish it off I used two thick coats of topcoat to smooth out the surface.

I wore this mani for two days, with almost no chips! I probably could've worn it longer, but I was without topcoat at work it started to peel up off one nail and by the end of the day I couldn't take it catching on EVERYTHING any more, so I just peeled it off.  But I got tons of compliments while wearing this mani, purely because of the amount of sparkle!  It was so eye-catching.  I even got a compliment after I had peeled the polish off the one nail, lol!

As I mentioned, both of these polishes were untrieds.  I got Break a Leg Warmer! in the Sephora by OPI mini collection that my brother got me for Christmas this past year and my boyfriend got my Glitz 'N Pieces for my birthday earlier this year.  I had been dying to use it for awhile, but just couldn't figure out what color to layer it over.

Anywho, so my G's this week are glitter gradient and Glitz 'N Pieces.  Onto the letter H!  Fortunately I know that I have a polish (also untried) that starts with the letter H, so now I just have to figure out nail art to do with it!  Again, I'm super impressed with how this mani came out, and I'm so glad I finally attempted my first glitter gradient!  I love that this challenge has really made me think outside the box and attempt nail art techniques I haven't tried before. :)


Friday, May 10, 2013

ABC Challenge - Week 6

Believe it or not, I have never had a traditional french manicure - ever.  I have never had my nails professionally done, nor have I tried to do a french manicure myself.  I did do a funky french for a nail challenge back in September, which can be found in my Florida Gator Manis 2012 tab, as well as on my butterfly manicure during the February nail art challenge.  But I've never done a traditional french.

 For Christmas I got a large Color Workshop polish set, and in it were french tip nail guides and the perfect french manicure colors.  Ever since I've been wanting to do a french mani.  I started with four coats of the unnamed nude pink.  This was just to try and cover some of the stains on my nails.  I then tried to attach the nail guides...but they had lost all of their adhesive and did not stick to my nails.  I was so disappointed!  So instead I decided to freehand on the tips.

And, surprisingly, I think they came out pretty well!  I did two coats of the unnamed white polish from the Color Workshop set, and then touched up with a white Milani striper polish, White Canvas.  They're not perfect (and I messed up the pinky nail before I added topcoat), but I'm impressed with how they came out.

I had planned on adding some nail art to these nails, using these as my inspiration manis as my inspiration: Mani 1 and Mani 2.  And I plan on re-doing these nails at some point so that I can add some fun nail art.  I just haven't had the time this week and they're starting to look pretty rough at day four.  Any who, so F this week is for French Manicure.  Next week is G, and I'm pretty sure I have a polish with a name that starts with the letter G!  Hope everyone has a great weekend and Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there, including my own!


Saturday, May 4, 2013

ABC Challenge - Week 5

Cutting it close to get in Week 5 of the ABC Challenge!  This week was the letter E.  I went through all of my polishes (twice!) before I was able to find one that started with the letter E.  I bring you Elegant from The Color Workshop.  Elegant is a deep plum purple creme, with great formula!

I was definitely surprised by how awesome the formula was.  It also wasn't noticeable until I took the pictures, but there is blue and purple sparkle in there!  I'm not sure if you can see it in the sun or not because its been overcast and rainy all week.

Then to add some nail art to it, I wanted something that wouldn't take away from the color of the polish, but introduce a bit of sparkle.  I chose the glitter striper polish, Ice Breaker from LA Colors Art Deco.

I don't have a whole lot to say about this mani, but the wear time was pretty good.  Tip wear started towards the end of the third day, and still no chips at day five.  I even got a compliment on this mani when I went to Ulta today. :)  That always makes my day!  I've already got a plan for the letter F, so hopefully this won't wait until Saturday.  Hope everyone has a good rest of their weekend!

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