Thursday, May 23, 2013

ABC Challenge - Week 8

This week for the ABC Challenge is the letter "H"!  Fortunately, I also knew I had another untried that started with the letter H, Hyde Park by L'Oreal.  I had originally planned to do some sort of nail art, but hadn't really thought too hard about it.  I just knew Hyde Park was my H, lol.

And then FingerFood Nails posted her H mani...which was hearts, and I knew I had another untried polish I could use!  I got Kleancolor Peaceful Heart last summer towards the beginning of my obsession from Copious (what ever happened to their deals? you never hear about them anymore) using free credits I had.

This is two coats of Hyde Park with one coat of Peaceful Heart on top.  The formula for Hyde Park was ok, a little thick, but not bad.  It was streaky, but almost opaque in one coat, so a second one was needed to even things out.  I had to go fishing for the hearts in Peaceful Heart.  Especially since I wanted at least one heart on each nail.

Peaceful Heart is cool because all the glitter has a holographic effect to them.  When they catch the light you can see the holo and it makes everything even more sparkly than it really is.  I originally hadn't planned on wearing Hyde Park + Peaceful Heart to work, but due to the timing I did my nails that night...I didn't have enough time to take it off and paint my nails a different color.  This is mani typically wayyy to much for my office, but I actually got several compliments!  One of the new girls in my office sent me an email at 9:30 at night (which I saw the next morning) to tell me that she thought my nails were really awesome and had meant to say something that day but forgot. :)

In my opinion, the macro shot shows the holo-ness of the glitter the best.  The hearts were kind of a metallic light blue, and the glitter was all light green.  It was just enough sparkle.  I think I would wear this glitter again to work, but this time not pick out the hearts and just use the hex glitter!

Here is a picture without flash to show Hyde Park truer to color.  Unfortunately, I still have not mastered all the settings on my new camera I got for Christmas, so its a little blurry,  but definitely more true to color.  You can also see how the glitter catches natural light instead of the flash.  I enjoyed this mani, especially since it involved my favorite color, green!  Which is slightly ironic, because I RARELY wear green polish...

I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend!  We're not doing anything special...but Sunday is my one year blogiversary!!!  I can't believe its already been a year, holy cow!



  1. What a unique green. I've never seen this one before. I have been collecting greens so this post isn't helping!!! LOL

  2. LOL! It was one of my first greens, and I just now got around to using it! It's slightly darker in real life than what most of the pictures show, but definitely a gorgeous creme!


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