Wednesday, June 5, 2013

ABC Challenge - Week 10

I can't believe we're already 10 weeks into this challenge!  We're almost to halfway.  Time certainly has flown this way.  I again thank everyone for bearing with me during this busy time in my life, since I'm only getting one post out a week on average.

Anywho, this week is the letter J.  My first thought of course was Julep.  I then went through my Julep polishes to pick out an untried.  I settled on Julep Mila, which is described as a "charcoal, multi-colored glitter."  This description certainly doesn't do Mila justice.  It's full of metallic glitter in pink, yellow, green, orange, and silver hex glitter, and boy is this sucker dense!  I only used one coat for this mani!

My sister-in-law described this polish as "birthday cake" just because it seems like lots and lots of sprinkles! So I thought it fitting that this was also my one-year blogiversary mani last week (May 26).  I of course wanted to layer Mila over another color, so I found another J, Julep Jessica.  Which I have swatched before, in this post from almost a year ago (one of my firsts!).  Jessica is a great baby blue creme.  I love this shade of blue!

Mila could certainly look great over any color.  I thought about layering it over Julep Daphne (seen in this mani), but when I remembered I had Jessica, and went with the J instead, lol.

You can really see all the colors of the glitter in the macro shot, above.  This mani was so flashy and sparkley, I loved it!  Normally, I wouldn't wear such a glitter bomb to work, but I did end up wearing it for two days and no one said anything negative about it, so that was good!

Ok, I promise - more nail art for the letter K!  I know the last few weeks haven't really involved a lot of nail art in my manis, but I'm also just trying to use this challenge to get through some of my untrieds.  Which I have been pretty successful in doing!  Hope everyone has a good rest of your week!


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