Wednesday, June 19, 2013

ABC Challenge - Week 12

Hello!  I just want to start out saying this may be my last post for a few weeks.  Tomorrow I'm having surgery to remove a cyst from my left wrist, and will likely be unable to paint my nails for at least a week.  I will then be going out of town next weekend.  I was hoping to at least get an "M" mani done before my surgery, but unfortunately that didn't happen.  I do have at least one scheduled post I'll try to get in, but I will probably miss the next few weeks of the ABC Challenge.

But onto the letter L!  This week, L is for Zoya Lana.  Zoya describes Lana as "A very different rich red metallic duochrome.  A frosty hint of orange creates a unique 'oil-slick' look."  I mostly see a red-leaning orange polish when I look at Lana on the nail.  Unfortunately, the "oil-slick" look doesn't translate as well from the bottle to the nail.  It is still a gorgeous polish though, and one of my favorites!

In these next two shots, where I am holding the bottle you can really see the orange duochromyness in the bottle.  Such a pretty color!  I decided to try my hand at stamping again to much improved results!  This time I used the Konad stamping polish and stamping plate my mother got me for Christmas, and holy crap!  What was I waiting for!?!  Now I know why the Konad stamper is SO much more expensive then the Salon Express kit, and the polish alone is totally worth it!  It completely made the entire stamping process super easy.  Now I want to stamp everything!!

Anywho, I used Konad plate m54 for the random flower design and tried to place the image in a slightly different place on each nail.  And due to the shape and curvature of my nails, it was actually pretty easy.

Here are two macro shots of my nails.  Typically, I do a macro shot of my thumb, but I actually didn't care for the way I stamped my thumb, so I bring you my pinky and middle finger!  And I apologize in advance for the cat hair stuck in the stamp on the middle finger nail.  Note: be sure to remove all hair from the stamper if you drop it on the floor BEFORE stamping.  I had hair on almost all of my nails and then when I pulled the hair off it pulled off a bit of the design.

Overall, it still was not a perfect stamping manicure, but I'm so excited that I had this much success for only my second attempt.  I really love Lana; if I remember correctly she was my first Zoya and I got her for free on Copious last summer.  She is such a fun summer color, and I will definitely have to wear her on my toes soon.  Hope everyone else is having a good summer!


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