Saturday, July 27, 2013

Zoya Aurora

Let me just start with saying, this post has been sitting in my queue for a while.  What with packing and moving, I haven't had the time to keep up with the ABC Challenge, blogging, or even painting my nails.  Yes, the mani I posted back on July 16th, was seriously the last time I painted my nails.  I have been wanting to paint my nails, but simply haven't had the time.  We super procrastinated packing, and did all of it in about a week.

I plan on starting to paint my nails at some point later this week once we're done with the major unpacking and settling in.  But the other reason I haven't posted this mani, was because I couldn't remember the name of the Pure Ice polish I used as undies.  And would never think to go look, until I would sit down and blog.

But finally, without further ado, I present Zoya Aurora!  Aurora is officially in my Top 5 favorite polishes I own.  Not that I know what those five are necessarily, but I am in love!

I mean, look at that amazing holo goodness!  Just gorgeous!  I do think from using Pure Ice No Means No as undies, lended a brighter violet hue to Aurora than it generally has, compared to what I've seen in other folks' swatches.  I simply did not want to waste a bunch of polish having to build it up, so I decided to layer it.

The wear-time on this mani was also quite long.  If I remember correctly, I took these pictures after either day 2 or 3.  And anytime I can get three days out of a mani, I'm sold!

I started with two coats of Pure Ice No Means No, followed by one coat of Aurora.  The formula on both polishes was great, but as with every other Zoya I have tried, the formula on Aurora was AMAZING.  I can't wait to use this polish again.  I will use it again soon since I'm blogging about it. :)

Sorry that this post is so picture heavy, but I couldn't stand to cut down the number of pictures any more than I already had.  I had to include the above to shots, in focus and out of focus to really show you how truely holographic Aurora really is.  I think I really may be a bigger fan of a scattered holo, more so than a linear holo.  Not that I have ever had the opportunity to try any linears.  I do still really love the Color Club Halo Hues polishes...maybe someday I will get a few.

In these final two pictures, you can really see the color shift that No Means No created in Aurora.  The top one looks much more blue-leaning, and the bottom red-leaning.  Anywho, I should mostly be back up and running in the next few weeks.  We are house sitting for a few weeks in August, but I'm hoping to get back on a polishing and blogging schedule here shortly.  Thanks for continuing to bear with me!


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

ABC Challenge - Week 16

I finally have nail art to show you today!  This week the letter "P" is for Mentality Proper!  Proper is from Mentality "Stampers" collection.  These polishes are described as "A collection of heavily pigmented polishes, designed for stamping." Because I struggle with stamping, and only have a white Konad stamping polish (which I used in Week 12's mani),  I wanted to add a polish to my collection that could help me improve my stamping.  Or at least work well enough that I didn't get frustrated!

For this mani, I started with two coats of Kleancolor Salsa for my base, then added the flowery design from the Salon Express stamping plate SE21 using Proper.  I really wish I had more full-nail design plates.  Though I suppose it was helpful not to with this mani, because if it didn't completely transfer the first time I just used what was left on the stamper to stamp somewhere else on the nail.

My inspiration for this mani actually came from a mani that Mentality shared on their Facebook page, which can be viewed here.  Due to my surgery, I had not had a chance to use any of my Mentality polishes, so I had been scoping out inspiration to use the polishes once I could polish my nails again.

Salsa is an amazing polish, let me just start there.  In natural (non-direct) light it looks like a shiny metallic nude.  But as soon as you step into the sunlight (or use flash, as I did in my pictures), it lights up pink with strong gold shine.  I definitely consider this polish a duochrome with as strong as the pink-gold transition is on the nail.  This is certainly a polish that does not disappoint; it looks just as awesome on the nail as it does in the bottle.  I picked Salsa up for $0.01 last summer on Copious.

I picked up Proper, along with Brute and the Holo Topcoat during Mentality's 20% sale back in early June.  I can't wait to use Proper as a full manicure!  It's such a gorgeous color.  I haven't used either of the other colors yet either, but I am really looking forward to it!  Be sure to check out Mentality's store.  They constantly keep their polishes stocked and are always releasing new colors!

Here are my two natural-light/shade shots.  This is mostly what the mani looks like about 90% of the time.  But still gorgeous!  It's plain enough to pass as nude, but still incorporating nail art and a fun polish!

Gorgeous macro!  I love this combination.  Proper is so awesome and holographic.  You can see in some of the flash pictures how much the holo really shines through.

Overall, I am loving this mani, and not looking forward to having to take it off!  Next week is going to be the first REALLY hard letter - "Q."  I do have a couple ideas...but I think they will involve a lot of practicing, so we will see.  Hope everyone has a good rest of their week!


Thursday, July 11, 2013

ABC Challenge - Week 15

Hello!  I finally am making it back in the game with the letter "O."  Unfortunately, I don't have any nail art to include with this post, due to my wrist surgery.  I just know I won't be happy with anything I attempt until I get more mobility back.  So bear with me for a little while longer! :)

I am slowly, but surely working through the mini four-pack of the original OPI Liquid Sand polishes.  I have now swatched three of the four.  You can see Get Your Number and The Impossible by clicking on the names.  Today, I am bringing you Can't Let Go.  So this week "O" is for OPI.  Sorry, I'm not any more exciting than that!

One thing that I really like about the original OPI Liquid Sand polishes is the glitter in them.  And not just the purple/silver small hex glitter, I mean those larger purple hexes!  Not many (if any) of the other textured polishes have large glitter in them.

As far as application goes, it was pretty painless.  This is two coats of Can't Let Go.  Dry time really wasn't all that bad.  I've heard horror stories about textured polishes having horrible dry time, but the three I've tried have dried rather quickly (similar dry time to a matte polish, maybe a little longer).

I am really happy with how these photos came out.  I felt like I was looking at cement on my nails while wearing this polish, but it looks awesome in the pictures!  I think it is mostly because I work in an office all day and rarely get to see natural light on my nails...when I was in the sun they were gorgeous!

I already have my letter "P" mani planned out, and it involves nail art!  So I hope ya'll will stick around now that I'm back. :)


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I'm Baaack!!

Did you miss me?  I certainly missed everyone.  About three weeks ago, I had minor surgery on my left wrist and was in a cast for 10 days.  I'm now in a removable brace, but I'm still pretty stiff.  I look forward to having my full range of motion back!

So my Fourth of July mani was the first time I had painted my nails in over two weeks.  Literally, my mani for Week 12 of the ABC Challenge, was the last thing on my nails until this mani.  So the blog is almost in real time!  Since my sister in law is going off to college in the fall, I decided I needed to start using some of her polishes before I can't anymore!  So, for this mani I used China Glaze Ruby Slippers and Dorothy Who for the accent nail.  In hindsight, I wish I had painted the thumb blue too.  Oh well, next time!

Each nail was two coats of its respective color.  I am in LOVE with Ruby Slippers and need to come up with a good reason to use it again before its taken away forever. ;)  The formula on Ruby Slippers was great, and a little thick for Dorothy Who, but not completely unbearable.

I had thought of adding either a silver glitter tip, or using a silver striper polish to do a line down the right side of each nail, but I knew I wouldn't be able to do it on my right hand, due to my left wrist's lack of mobility.  I have since gained more flexibility back (I can put my hair in a ponytail and put on deoderant all on my own now!), I could probably do it. 

Red glittery gorgeousness!

I love how glassy both polishes are, especially after topcoat.  I noticed both were a little topcoat thirsty, so two coats gave it a great shine.  Dorothy Who is super sparkly on its own, and once you get in the sun, Ruby Slippers lights up too.  I hope everyone had a great Fourth of July holiday weekend!

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