Thursday, July 11, 2013

ABC Challenge - Week 15

Hello!  I finally am making it back in the game with the letter "O."  Unfortunately, I don't have any nail art to include with this post, due to my wrist surgery.  I just know I won't be happy with anything I attempt until I get more mobility back.  So bear with me for a little while longer! :)

I am slowly, but surely working through the mini four-pack of the original OPI Liquid Sand polishes.  I have now swatched three of the four.  You can see Get Your Number and The Impossible by clicking on the names.  Today, I am bringing you Can't Let Go.  So this week "O" is for OPI.  Sorry, I'm not any more exciting than that!

One thing that I really like about the original OPI Liquid Sand polishes is the glitter in them.  And not just the purple/silver small hex glitter, I mean those larger purple hexes!  Not many (if any) of the other textured polishes have large glitter in them.

As far as application goes, it was pretty painless.  This is two coats of Can't Let Go.  Dry time really wasn't all that bad.  I've heard horror stories about textured polishes having horrible dry time, but the three I've tried have dried rather quickly (similar dry time to a matte polish, maybe a little longer).

I am really happy with how these photos came out.  I felt like I was looking at cement on my nails while wearing this polish, but it looks awesome in the pictures!  I think it is mostly because I work in an office all day and rarely get to see natural light on my nails...when I was in the sun they were gorgeous!

I already have my letter "P" mani planned out, and it involves nail art!  So I hope ya'll will stick around now that I'm back. :)


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