Thursday, September 5, 2013

ABC Challenge - Week 23

I can't believe we only have three more weeks left of the ABC Challenge!  Of course, I missed a dozen or so during the last few months...but I will catch them back up.  Today I'm excited to bring you one of my favorite polishes and an untried!

For the letter "W" I chose to use Zoya Wednesday and Revlon Whimsical.  I have had Whimsical for quite a while (I searched forever for her until I finally found her at Kmart).  Also, sorry for the super nubs.  I can't seem to grow my nails out at all without breaking one or two.  I think part of my problem is that I don't keep them polished seven days a week like I used to.  I tend to be naked at least one day a week in between polishing and that's always when I have my breaks.

I started with two coats of Wednesday, which I know I've used before, but apparently have never blogged about!  I absolutely love this minty green, it's probably one of my favorite polishes I have.  I got it during a deal Zoya ran earlier in the year when I also picked up Robyn and Demi.  I then layered two coats of Whimsical on top to give it a slight jelly sandwich look.  One thing that I think is most disappointing about Whimsical is how sheer it is.  I knew that even when I picked it up, but I still wanted it.  It is best used for layering over another color.  I initially layered it over white...but let me just say that was really ugly, so I took it off.

I particularly like this macro image. :)  I do apologize for the clean-up, or lack thereof.  I was home sick yesterday and didn't have the energy to put into clean-up like I usually do.  I just wanted to take the pictures before I messed them up!

Anywho, I will hopefully be posting again tomorrow with my Gator mani from last weekend.  College football season has officially started and I will be rocking an orange and blue Florida Gator mani every Friday for the next three months!  I'd like to try and get them on here faster, but with the Labor Day holiday on Monday, I didn't get anything nail related done.


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