Friday, September 20, 2013

ABC Challenge - Week 25

Holy cow - only one more week!  This week's manicure is less nail art and a more spur of the moment use of a new polish.  My "Y" for this week is Zoya Yvette.  Also, I'd like to go ahead and send a shout out to my sister in law, also named Yvette, who is turning 22 today!  Happy birthday!!  I thought this combination sort of reminded me of sprinkles on a cupcake!  And yes, I intentionally waited to post this until the day of her birthday. :)

I started out with a base of two coats of Yvette, a very shiny, but not metallic hot pink.  I then layered a coat of Salon Perfect Kaboom on top.  I hadn't originally planned on putting Kaboom on top of Yvette, but when I picked up the floam dupe at Walmart over the weekend I couldn't wait to try it out.  And just in case, I googled shots of "floam over pink" and "kaboom over pink" to make sure it wasn't going to look weird together.

I love Yvette.  The formula is fantastic, but the odor is stronger than on most of my other Zoyas.  I don't know if its an older polish from before they were 5 free or what.  I did get this polish for $0.01 on Copious last summer.

In case you're not familiar with Floam, it was a highly sought-after creation of former polishmaker NailVenturous.  I got into the polish scene about the time NailVenturous decided to no longer make all of her polishes were scooped up quickly and everyone wanted them.  Floam was one of her creations, made up of the tinest blue and yellow microglitter.  Soon after, dupes were popping up and then earlier this year, Salon Perfect released a line of microglitter polishes which can be found at Walmart.  My Walmart only had this one, but there are several I would LOVE to own.

See, from far away the blue and yellow together look green.  But close up, you can actually see that it is blue and yellow glitters and there is no green at all.

Overall, I did really like this mani.  It wasn't quite as bright in person, so I had no problems wearing it to work.  Interestingly enough, from a distance, the yellow and blue glitter over the pink almost made it look like you had multi-colored glitter on your nails.  It was cool!  And apparently I need to work on the settings on my camera, because all of a sudden I feel like my hands look grey and dirty in most of my pictures...



  1. I'm yet to pick up these Salon Perfect Polishes. I see so many possibilities. Lovely post!

  2. Thank you! The formula was excellent on Kaboom too! I wasn't sure since there is SO MUCH glitter in teh polish.


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