Friday, September 6, 2013

Florida Gator Nails - Week 1

Hello!  Today I am featuring the Gator nails I rocked last weekend for the Florida vs. Toledo game, the first game of the 2013 college football season!  In case anyone wasn't around last year, I am a HUGE Florida Gators fan (and not just of the football team!).  Last year I decided to do a different orange and blue manicure every Friday during football season.  These manis can be seen at the tab at the top of the page titled "Florida Gator Nails 2012."  I will not only be blogging each week's manicure, but I will post a summary of my 2013 series in the Florida Gator Nails 2013 tab.


For this manicure, I used two Sally Hansen Sugar Coat polishes in Razzleberry (blue) and Candy Corn (orange).  I picked them both up at Target a few weeks ago - if you can find them still, they had the original Sugar Coats on clearance.  I did pay full price for Candy Corn, but it was so worth it!

The Sugar Coat polishes are the second type of textured polish I've tried.  The first being the OPI Liquid Sand polishes (the original Mariah Carey set).  I really like the Liquid Sand polishes (I have reviewed three of the four on the blog here, here, and here).  Their texture is similar to an plastic nail file or emery board - rough, but with an overall smooth finish.  I found that the Sugar Coats were slightly rougher than the Liquid Sands, as my hair caught on them the first day or so, and I scratched myself once or twice (not badly, just enough that it didn't feel good).

Each nail was two coats of the respective color.  The formula was great and had a pretty quick dry time.  I did give the first coat a little extra time to dry because I didn't want any dragging, but I had no problems at all.  This was also the first time I did a double accent nail with the thumb and ring finger. :)

Overall, I did love these colors and got a ton of compliments at work (I work at UF).  Once I got used to the rougher texture I loved these textured nails just as much as the others I've tried.  You can see in the below macro shot how rough the tips were where I wrapped them.  Once that wore down, they were great.

As far as the game went, we beat Toledo 24-6.  Tomorrow we play Miami for the first time since 2008.  I've already got my nails done for that game and will hopefully share them early next week.  Hope y'all have a great weekend!  Go Gators!



  1. I love the effect of the nail polish color you used!



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