Thursday, September 19, 2013

Florida Gator Nails - Week 2

Yes, I know I'm behind on my Florida Gator nails posts, but hey, at least I'm doing the manis in time for game day.  I'm working on my mani for this week (Florida vs. Tennessee) as I write this.

And yes, I still had super-nubbins at the time.  My nails are just finally back to a semi-normal length.  I've been looking at pictures from earlier this year...and boy do I miss my long nails!  Hopefully I'll be able to get back there in the next few months.  And for some reason my hands look dirty in all of these pictures...

I started with a base on Mentality Brute on my thumb, index, and pinky nails and China Glaze Thataway on my middle and ring fingers.  Once that dried, I laid two strips of striping tape down the middle of Thataway, to simulate racing stripes.  I then did one coat of Brute over the top and pealed off the tape.  We were playing the University of Miami this weekend, so I didn't want to do a primarly orange-based mani since their school colors are orange and green (barf).  Here are some close up shots of my nubbins, I mean the racing stripes:

And though I've shown it before, here is Brute on it's own (with topcoat, as Brute on its own has a matte finish).

Overall, I took entirely too many pictures of this manicure...that or too many came out better than usual lol.  I love Brute and I'm so glad I got it.  I knew I would use it in a TON of Gator manis this year.  This mani was extremely quick and easy.  The longest part was waiting for Thataway to dry so I didn't pull the base color off with the striping tape.

Unfortunately, the Gators didn't fair so well against the Hurricanes.  We ended up losing the game 16-21.  Hopefully, we put on a better show at home this weekend against the Vols!  Go Gators!


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