Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Florida Gator Nails - Week 6

I know I'm a few weeks behind on getting my Gator manis up on the blog, but I just have to start off saying thank you to everyone who reads my blog!  My week five Gator nails have now set an all-time record for  number of views by a single post (excluding the giveaway post from last year)!  So thank you!

Here are my week six nails from when we played LSU.  Unfortunately, we lost the game 6-17, but in all kinds of weather, we will stick together!

After searching for months...and years...I believe I may have finally found the perfect Gator Orange - Covergirl Outlast in Go-Go Mango.  Now I just need to find a cream blue and I'll be good to go!  Go-Go Mango has great formula and was opaque in two coats.  There was little to no streaking with the first coat and the second evened everything out.  I would classify Go-Go Mango as a crelly due to its jelly-like finish.

For this mani I used Pure Ice Celestial on all nails but my ring, where I used Go-Go Mango, and then added dots of varying sizes along the side of each nail in the opposite color.  This style dotticure, is definitely one of my favorites to do.  I just wish I had a full set of dotting tools to really add a few contrasting size dots.  And as you can see on my ring finger, I didn't wait long enough for the dots to dry before adding topcoat so they smeared. :(  I'm just too impatient sometimes!

Overall, I did really like this manicure.  It was fun and had just enough of a pop of color without being crazy.  I worked the registration desk for a conference at work that day, so I wanted to definitely represent, but without doing anything too in your face.

I'm going to try and get another post up (or schedule one) for the end of the week, but my boyfriend and I are going on vacation starting tomorrow night so I won't be around much this weekend.  I did finally join the smart phone generation this week, so I may post occasionally that way.


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