Friday, November 1, 2013

Florida Gator Nails - Week 7

Hello!  Yes, I'm still behind on my Florida Gator manis...but hey, last weekend was a bye-week and I went on vacation, so they aren't stacking up without being blogged about.  Unfortunately, this mani goes along with another loss, this time to Missouri, 17-36.  It was a rough game.  And tomorrow we play Georgia...

I know yesterday I said I would be posting my final Halloween mani (candy corn!), but instead of editing photos last night I watched Halloween movies with my family. :)  So you'll have to wait another day for that one...

I again used Covergirl Outlast Go-Go Mango for the base (love this orange!).  I then layered on one thick coat of Jindie Nails Chomp Chomp.  If you're a fan of Jen's creations - check out how old my bottle is!  It's from her first run!  I don't think she makes Chomp Chomp anymore, but its a great orange and blue glitter topper with metallic and matte square, hex, and bar glitters.

I'm not sure if it's my camera or layering on the topcoat, but the mani as a whole, ended up looking a little darker orange than whats in the bottle.  Not complaining, but since this topper is over a year old, maybe the blue glitters have started to bleed a bit.  Overall, I was just happy that after storing Chomp Chomp upside down for about a week and some occassional shaking, that I wasable to rejuvenate this polish as it had gotten kind of thick and clumpy since I last used it.

I absolutely love this polish!  I mean look at it.  It's everything I could want in an orange and blue glitter polish.  I even like how the orange glitters are subtle over a glitter base.  I've already worn this over and blue, white, and another orange base last year, which you can see by going to the Florida Gator Nails 2012 tab at the top of the page.

Yes, this week I got a little lazy and ran out of time to do nail art, but I promise you'll get more nail art during the final five weeks of the season.  Oh, and I'll have to do something awesome for the Florida vs. Florida State game...since I'm going!  My boyfriend surprised me with tickets for our anniversary!  Though I know it is equally as much a gift for him as it is for me. :)  Go Gators!


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