Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Florida Gator Nails - Week 8

I'm finally semi-caught up on my Florida Gator nails posts!  This is the mani I wore this past weekend, when we played Georgia.  Unfortunately, we lost again (20-23), but at least we showed up in the second half!

This is my first attempt at a spun sugar mani.  It is actually kind of time consuming, just trying to get the polish to the correct consistency in order to make the strings.  I had considered doing a mummy mani for Halloween using this technique, but now I'm kind of glad I didn't!  I am glad I used a white base and layered the orange and blue over top - I think it makes the colors pop more.

I started with a base of NYC French White Tip.  To speed things up a bit, I then added Out the Door topcoat on top...while I started getting the blue polish stringy!  I did the blue first, using Pure Ice Celestial.  I even used an older bottle I had thinking that I an older, slightly more dried up polish might make better stringys, but I don't think it really mattered.  Once all the blue polish was dry I started with the orange polish.  I used Wet 'N Wild, which never really got to the correct consistency...it ended up not being very stringy at all, and ended up more like blobs on the nail.

Don't look at my cuticles in the macro!  Eww, I'm sorry!  If I realized they looked that bad when I took the picture, I would have put lotion on or something.  But that seems to be the nature of my cuticles after doing cleanup now that I'm using pure acetone.  Can anyone suggest something to help with this?  I'm currently using cocoa and shea butter lotion for my hands (love the scent of the Suave brand!), and it does the job, I generally don't like putting it on immediately after doing my nails in case things aren't completely dry.

Overall, I do mostly like how these turned out.  I like the abstract look of them, but I would really like to find polishes that make stringys better!  Maybe I'll try creme polishes next time...  I just wish that had looked as awesome as some of the other spun sugar manis out there.  Also, I did not apply topcoat, as I wanted to keep the textured look and feel.  This weekend is UF's Homecoming - it's the first time in four years that I haven't gone to the homecoming game.  I'm kind of sad, as I like to keep traditions like that, but I'm trying to look forward to the Florida vs. Florida State game I'm going to at the end of the month...


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