Wednesday, December 11, 2013

ABC Challenge - Week 14

Good morning! Today I'm bringing you the letter "N" from the ABC Challenge.  The polishes I chose for this manicure are Zoya Robyn and Nicole by OPI A Million Sparkles.

My inspiration for this manicure came from this pin, I pinned on Pinterest.  The blue I used was a slightly darker shade than the one used in the picture.  I've come to realize I have very few pastel cream shades!  I do have Julep Jessica, which I have paired with A Million Sparkles before.  But I decided to change the base color up since I had done that color combination before.

A Million Sparkles is a great glitter bomb, full of small gold hexes, tiny blue hexes, and varying sizes of pink and blue bar glitters. This polish is so dense that I had trouble getting all the glitter off the brush so that I can do a glitter gradient on the nails.  For the most part, each nail was one swipe of the brush, and then a bit of touch up at the tips to fill in any gaps.

Overall, I really liked this mani.  It was more cluttered and messy-looking than I had hoped it would be, but it certainly caught the light!  All the glitters are metallic and caught the light really well.  I also just love Zoya Robyn.  It's definitely one of my favorite blue polishes, and in my favorite shade of blue.


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