Friday, December 13, 2013

Fall Gradient

Yes, I know it's officially almost winter, but when I did these nails it was still fall!  These are the nails I wore on Thanksgiving.  I originally had inspiration to try and do a gradient with magnetic polishes (as is seen here), but unfortunately it failed, so I just turned it into something equally as awesome!

I started out with a gradient of the two LA Girl Magnetic polishes - Magnetized and Attract.  I've blogged about each of them before, here and here.  This time I used a piece of sponge I cut from a dish-washing sponge.  It worked SO much better than the cosmetic sponge wedges I have been using.  This will be my new go to sponge for gradients!  After the gradient dried I added a quick coat of Out the Door and waited for that to dry completely.

I then used Sally Hanson Pumping Iron to stamp on the star image from one of the plates in the Salon Express stamping kit.  I then finished everything off with topcoat.  For some reason, when I am uploading the macro picture to Blogger, the color is being changed...but I have included it anyway.  Just know that the full hand pictures are true to color and the macro is not.

This is definitely one my favorite manicures I've done in awhile, possibly ever!  I do want to try the magnetic gradient again some time, but I am completely and 100% pleased with the way this turned out.



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