Friday, December 27, 2013

Florida Gator Nails - Week 11

Yes, I know I'm depressingly behind on these Florida Gator nails!  But I can't help it if it was a depressing season.  At least with these nails, from the Georgia Southern game weekend, I now only have the nails that I wore to the FSU game to show you.  So only one more week to go!

Ok, so to be honest, I'm not a big fan of how this came out.  I decided to use my orange and blue crackle polishes over white.  I started with a base of NYC French White Tip, and then used Julep Sabrina (orange) and NYC Crack Me Up Broadway Smash (blue).  Unfortunately, Broadway Smash always crackles in this weird vertical lines...and doesn't really give it the "shattered-look" appearance.  I love this color blue, and these are nearly perfect as far as Gator Blue and Gator Orange, but Broadway Smash just doesn't do it for me!

All in all, we ended up losing to Georgia Southern (yes, a DII team), 20-26.  Yes, I'm glad it was on Pay-Per-View so that I didn't actually have to watch it, lol.

This was the first time I had used Broadway Smash.  I picked it up for my sister in law to use when she graduated from high school in May (her school colors were blue and white), but I personally had not used it.  I have used Sabrina before - which you can see in one of my Florida Gator manis from last season.  Last time I layered it over blue instead of white.  I also chose to go without topcoat this time, to leave more of the textured finish, but of course that made the whole manicure more susceptible to wear and tear.


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