Thursday, December 5, 2013

Sinful Colors - Dark Bronze

Hey everyone, I apologize for not being around much lately, life has been getting in the way.  I have several big projects I've been working on at work that are due in the next two weeks and then on top of that, my poor baby kitty is sick.  She's been sick since last Friday, and we took her to the vet yesterday to get her checked out since she hasn't gotten any better.  They said she is dehydrated (she's been throwing up a lot), and they kept her overnight to get her rehydrated.  So hopefully I can get my kitty back today or tomorrow because I miss her!

The polish I'm bringing you today is a polish given to me by my father in law.  He got this for me because he said it was the same color as my truck.  I don't remember the exact name of the color of my truck, but it's actually a very interesting color.  For simplicity's sake, I usually say it's dark grey because it isn't silver or light grey.  However, when the sun shines directly on it it can look brown or dark green.

Dark Bronze is definitely more of a brown with golden shimmer.  It is a super pretty color though, and I look forward to using it in nail art as I think it would work great as a stamping polish.


The formula on this polish was great, as was wear time.  I believe I wore it for three or four days with only minor tip wear and little to no chipping by the time I took it off.  You can even see a little bit of holographic sparkle in the macro shot below - it's such a unique polish.  I wish I had used a matte topcoat on this polish before removing it, because I bet it would be gorgeous with a matte finish.

I really like this polish because it isn't something I would have necessarily picked out for myself.  That's why I like when I'm gifted polish by friends and family because I when I'm shopping, I am drawn to the same colors, so this gives me a little bit of variety.

Anywho, I have a big back-log of manicures ready to be blogged about.  I just have to edit the pictures and write the posts.  So hopefully, I'll be ready to go for the rest of the year.  I am still hoping to finish the ABC Challenge off...I still have six letters to do, so I need to get busy!  And I want to do holiday manicures!


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