Friday, January 10, 2014

butterLONDON Bluecoat and Leccy

Happy Friday!  I know I'm ready for the weekend!  Let me start by saying I'm not a big fan of this manicure, or at least the pictures I took of it!  The two polishes I'll be featuring today are butterLONDON Bluecoat and Leccy, both of which were gifts from my boyfriend for Christmas.

Bluecoat is a dark blue polish with a lighter blue, almost teal shimmer.  I don't think much of the shimmer transferred to the nail though.  If I had worn Bluecoat on its own, perhaps you would be able to see the shimmer.  Leccy is actually my first flakie polish!   Leccy is a clear polish with blue, purple, orange, and green iridescent flakies.  I was actually surprised at how thick some of the flakies were.  Some of them stuck up quite a bit and even two or three coats of topcoat wouldn't result in a smooth surface on all nails.

The end result was very jelly-like and gorgeous in direct light - in indirect light it just looked like dark blue polish.  Because of that I had the hardest time taking pictures of this mani!  I had to take almost all of my pictures without flash for you to be able to see the flakies in this polish combination.  And I'm still not satisfied with the way any of them turned out.  The first picture in the post is with flash, to give you a different idea of how this mani looked.

Though this is the first time you've seen butterLONDON on the blog, I do actually own another butterLONDON polish, that I have worn as well!  Two Fingered Salute was a Nordstrom exclusive a few years ago that I DESPERATELY wanted for a very long time and I was able to snag it for $8 on a blog sale back in October.

Probably the most color-accurate and the overlal best representation of this mani would be the pictures in the following collage.  I took each of these photos on my phone in artificial light in my office at work.  I didn't take any pictures with my camera, but for the third day I wore this mani, I decided to add NYC Matte Me Crazy on top.  You can definitely see the flakies better with the matte topcoat.

Overall, wear time on these polishes was great.  As you can see in the matte picture, I did have some shrinkage at the tips, but more than likely that was from the many layers of Out the Door topcoat that I applied.  I will definitely have to find more manicures to incorporate Leccy so that I can MAYBE get a good picture of her.  I also look forward to wearing Bluecoat on its own at some point to see if the elusive shimmer will appear.  Have a great weekend!


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