Wednesday, January 29, 2014

ellagee Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered

Today I have a new-to-me indie maker to share with you - ellagee!  A few weeks ago I was contacted by Heather of I Feel Polished because I had won her prize from Aly's Mega Giveaway!  And early last week I received my prize - a mini set of ellagee's You're The Top! collection!  Today I'll be sharing the first polish from the collection that I've swatched, Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered (herein refered to as "BBB").

BBB is described by Laura (creator of ellagee) as a clear base polish with shades of pink, green, blue, lavender, lilac, and silver hexagon and square glitter.  It is truly a beautiful pastel glitter topper!  I can't wait to layer this over more colors and use it all Spring!  I had absolutely no issues with the formula and did not have to do any fishing!  I do recommend giving it a good shake to remix before use, it will provide a more even distribution of glitter across each nail. :)

For these pictures I layered BBB over Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Pink Blink - another Christmas gift from my boyfriend.  He was with me when I saw this polish in Walmart one time, and added it to my Pinterest wishlist board while standing there.  He remembered the name (without ever looking at the Pinterest board) and picked it up for me the next time he went shopping alone!  He's so good! :)  Especially considering he thinks all shades of each color are the same... (i.e. "but you already have that pink!" I don't have pastel pink, I just have a light pink)

I actually wore this mani to the birthday party my family through for me last weekend.  (Yes, I'll be a quarter of a century old on Friday!) :)

Yes, you may have noticed no macro picture this time!  I had REALLY bad break on my thumb nail about two weeks ago that I was able to patch...but it finally gave up last week so I had to chop it off.  I feel that because it's my thumb I can get away with not trimming the other nails down, so I'm going to go with that!  Just know there won't be any more macro shots until that nubbin grows back out!

This polish and the rest of ellagee's You're the Top! collection is available on her website here.



  1. Beautiful! I love it over the pink! <3 How sweet of your boyfriend to remember the polish!!

  2. It looks great over that pink, thanks so much for reviewing! (and it sounds like that boyfriend is a keeper)

    1. Thank you! It is a lovely polish and I can't wait to try out the others in the collection! :)

      Yes, he is a keeper. :)


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