Friday, January 3, 2014

Jindie Nails - Check the Candy

If you follow me on Facebook you may have seen just before Christmas where I won the Jindie Nails prize in ColorSutraa’s giveaway!  I was so excited when I received the email from Jen at Jindie Nails!  I got to pick out any four of her in-stock polishes!  Well, if you’ve followed me for any length of time, one of the first indie polishes I purchased was Jindie Nails’ Chomp Chomp, an orange and blue glitter geared towards Gator fans!  I have lusted after many of her polishes since, but have not been able to purchase any.  Here are the four polishes I picked out: Check the Candy, Femme Fire, Fantastical, and sTEALth.

Check the Candy and Femme Fire are two polishes of Jen’s that I have been lemming for a REALLY long time!  Basically since she released them, as I believe both were from her “early days.”  I was super excited on the timing of winning, as Check the Candy is about to be discontinued, and like I said I had REALLY wanted this one.  

So of course Check the Candy was the polish I had to try first!  Check the Candy was originally introduced in Jen’s 2012 Halloween collection, but due to its popularity, she added it to the core line.  And boy am I glad she kept it around this long!

Check the Candy is a creamy white based polish with small blue and pink hexes, and large orange hexes throughout!  I have always wanted a white based glitter polish after discovering this one, and now I’m so excited to own it!

The formula for Check the Candy was excellent!  While a lot of the glitter had settled to the bottom during shipping all it took was rolling the polish back and forth in my hands a few times to get everything remixed.  I had no problems getting any of the glitter out and there was no fishing required. 

I love the depth of this polish – you can see each of the layers.  I did three coats on each nail.  I probably could have gotten away with just two, but I wanted a completely opaque nail, and I wanted more jelly-glitter goodness!

I love this polish and can’t wait to use it for cupcake nail art – doesn’t it look like icing with sprinkles on top?  I’m so glad Jen still had this one in stock so that I could satisfy this lemming!  My other two favorite Jindie Nails polishes are Femme Fire and Guns and Roses.  Unfortunately, Guns and Roses was sold out, but I was able to get Femme Fire.  I might have to go ahead and purchase Guns and Roses to complete my favorites from Jen’s collection.  I am so excited to bring you the other three polishes in the coming weeks!


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