Friday, January 31, 2014

OPI Holiday Liquid Sands

As you may or may not know I am a big fan of the textured polish trend.  I haven't tried many brands, but of those that I've tried, the OPI Liquid Sands are my favorites.  Last year I picked up a set of minis of the four original OPI Mariah Carey Liquid Sands polishes.  It took me almost an entire year to final post a review of each one, and you can view them here: Get Your Number, The Impossible, Can't Let Go, and Stay the Night.  Well, OPI released a HUGE holiday collection with six (I think) liquid sand polishes.  I was able to pick up a three-pack of minis from the holiday collection at Ulta.  There are two polish three-packs, the "darks" and the "lights."  I'll be bringing you the "lights," which includes Baby Please Come Home, Make Him Mine, and Silent Stars Go By. *pic heavy post*

First up is Baby Please Come Home (BPCH), a dusty, metallic lilac.  All three of these polishes had great finishes and decent wear times.  I wore each of them for two-three days and didn't experience any chipping or tip wear until the end of the second day.  In many lights, BPCH looked silver or even grey, though in direct light the purple tones shone through.

Next up is Silent Stars Go By (SSGB), a champagne/nude metallic polish.  When looking at this collection this polish seemed super cool and unique, and I knew I really wanted to get it if I could.  This polish is a great nude that adds a little bit of pop from the metallic finish and unique texture.

Finally, we have my favorite of the three polishes, Make Him Mine (MHM).  This polish immediately went on my wishlist from the moment I saw the first swatch.  I seem to have developed an obsession for rose-gold colored things, and this polish is no exception.  And, as you can see, it was the first polish of the three I wore, as this was before I broke my thumb you actually get to see a macro shot of this polish!

MHM also serves great as nude.  I love how versatile all of these colors are.  I was able to wear each of them to work, and on days went I needed to look extra professional as we had visitors coming in!  If you are hesitant about wearing a plain nude shade, try these polishes out!  I believe Ulta has these (and the other two mini packs from the holiday collection) on clearance right now, so get them while you still can!  I'm so glad I picked these out!  I wouldn't mind picking up the other Liquid Sand pack that includes Its Frosty Outside (silver), Kiss Me at Midnight (blue), and Emotions (black).  But I actually kind of like the textured Zoya shades of blue better...and I already own the Sally Hansen Sugar Coat black polish...

On a final note, today is my birthday!  I'll be away all weekend, as my boyfriend is taking me on a surprise trip (I have no idea where I'm going!), but will be back with my Birthdays/Celebrations post for FingerFood's Theme Buffet on Monday.  Have a great weekend!


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