Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Zoya Kissy

Happy Hump Day!  Today I'll be sharing another one of my Christmas gifts with you - Zoya Kissy.  My boyfriend got me the Zoya holiday giftset that included Kissy, Twila, and Rina, among many other polishes (some of which I've already shared).  So far I've only used Kissy!

Kissy is full of fine red, pink, and purple glitter and holographic bar glitters.  The macro image towards the end of the post allows you to see all of the colored glitter in this polish.  All of the glitter combined gives the polish a red look that is buildable, but here I've chosen to layer it over JLB Cosmetics Cherry Pop. Cherry Pop is a magenta colored metallic from the same set as Jade and Deep Sea that I used in my geometric mani I posted on Monday.

I'm not sure why Blogger changes the colors of some of my images when I upload them here...but the above picture and the macro both show MUCH more pink than this really was.  It was much more of a rich cherry red that looked like a dark magenta in indirect light.

The formula on Kissy was great (as with every Zoya polish I've tried!) and went on smoothly considering the amount of glitter in this polish.  There was little to no fishing for the bar glitters either.  I managed to pick some up every time I dipped the brush into the bottle.  I did add an additional coat on some nails so that they would all have roughly the same amount of coverage of bar glitter. 

Also, my apologies for the chip on my thumb in the macro image.  I didn't even realize it was there until after I took the pictures.  But you can clearly see the red and purple glitter in Kissy!  Gorgeous!

This polish was so much fun!  It spiced up an otherwise office-friendly manicure of Cherry Pop.  And unless you were in direct light it wasn't too super sparkly and distracting, which automatically makes it work appropriate in my book.  I look forward to trying out Twila and Rina now as well.  Twila (blue) has a similar formula to Kissy with the silver holographic bar glitter, while Rina is made up of all green glitter.  I wonder how a gradient would look with Kissy and Twila? 


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