Friday, February 21, 2014

Essie Lots of Lux

Hello!  First swatches in what feels like weeks!  I am still semi-burnt out after doing the daily nail art challenge in advance of Valentine's Day.  I never want to use pink or red or see hearts again!  But seriously, I don't plan on using pink anytime soon if I can help it. :)

Lot of Lux is from the Encrusted Treasures collection, which includes six polishes, two of which are textured.  This collection is very diverse with a range of finishes, but Lots of Lux was the only one that really appealed to me.  For swatches of the whole collection, check out The PolishAholic.

I'll start by saying, this polish is a lot rougher than most of the other textured polishes I've tried.  If you like the Pixie Dusts or even the Liquid Sands, this polish is VERY textured and rough compared to those.  It is a beautiful color though!  This polish has gorgeous light blue/teal shimmer throughout that really sparkles in the sun.  And for such a vivid blue, I had no problems with staining! 

The final picture is slightly out of focus to show how sparkly this polish really is!  Also, please forgive some of the cleanup issues and tip wear, I wasn't able to take pictures until after I had worn this polish for a day.  I'm so excited now, with Zoya Dhara, to have another set of textured orange and blue polishes to use in future Gator nail art!  I actually wore this mani when I went to the Florida Gators mens' basketball game against Missouri, which we won!

Happy Friday!


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