Monday, February 10, 2014

Strum My Heart-Strings Challenge - Day 1

Good morning!  This week I'll be bringing you six Valentine's Day themed manicures, courtesy of The Lacquered Landlubber's Strum My Heart-Strings nail art challenge!  Below are the prompts for this week!

Today's prompt is matte finish.  I choose to go with a fun glitter gradient for this theme.  For this mani, I started with a base of elf Smokin Hot, a red creme that was almost a one-coater!  If I had been wearing this on its own, I may have gone with a second coat just to smooth everything out, but one was enough for this mani.

Then, using a moistened makeup wedge, I applied Love Me, a red glitter polish, directly to the sponge and lightly sponged it onto the nail, focusing on the tips and then working my way up the nail.  Some nails, like the pinky finger, ended up with a little too much glitter!


Once the glitter was dry, I applied a thick coat of NYC Matte Me Crazy, matte topcoat.  As you can see, cleanup was kind of a pain and so my cuticles are stained red and there are pesky red glitters on my hands that I just couldn't seem to get off. 

Both of these polishes are absolutely gorgeous and make a lovely, flashy Valentine's Day look.  I can't wait to wear Smokin Hot on its own and see what other combinations I can come up with for Love Me.  Both of these polishes came from the 14-piece elf polish set I received for Christmas from my boyfriend.

If you are interested in joining us, please feel free!



  1. kiss your boyfriend he has good taste in nail polish lol I've always wanted to try Elf polishes but I never seemed to have the push to get them but now I can't say no to a great red. I want to try this on my toes.

    1. I've tried a handle full of the polishes from the set so far, and for being relatively inexpensive they all have great formulas! I highly recommend them!

  2. Oh oh oh! I love me a glitter gradient! I adore how it looks matted! <3 And a little too much glitter is never a bad thing.. unless it's loose glitter.. then zomg.. yeah.. ;)

  3. I'm a sucker for glitter gradients in general, but these came out beautiful with the matte finish!


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